HOLLYWOOD—I’ve been teasing this for weeks, and at long last “Days of Our Lives” is proving once again why they won the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Drama Series this year. Last year for New Year’s Vivian Alamain returned to Salem, this year, Eve, who hasn’t been gone that long returned to town, but she was not alone people. She vowed revenge on her nemesis Jennifer, and wow, is all I can say.

Why? She returned to town with the one true love of Jennifer’s life, Jack Devearaux, and to say that the people of Salem were aghast would be an understatement. It was as if Jennifer saw a ghost because she was speechless, as was Adrienne, Jack’s sister! Jack has been dead for quite some time, 6 years to be exact, after risking his life to save his daughter Abigail during that underground explosion.

There is one major problem with Jack: he doesn’t remember his life in Salem. It seems Dr. Rolf has been quite busy saving those who ‘died’ from actually meeting the Grim Reaper. I mean he saved Will who had amnesia, he also saved EJ DiMera, who the verdict is still out on regarding his prognosis, and now we have Jack back from the dead. Just a side note, we also know Vivian was injected by something when she was presumed dead, so there is no telling what other Salemites might be waiting in the wings to make their grand return that Kristen and Zander alluded to back in November.

The situation is fun because on one hand it appears Eve is doing this out of spite, but at the same time it feels she genuinely might want to reunite Jack and Jennifer in an effort to rekindle her relationship with Brady who is getting cozy with Chloe. Look, I’ll be honest I always thought Brady and Chloe should have been an item. Back to the Jack of things, he does seem to remember his daughter Abigail, who was in for the shock of her life when she came face-to-face with dear ole dad, leaving Jennifer and JJ to grapple with the fact that their beloved one has no recollection of them whatsoever. Jennifer is desperately trying to connect with Jack, who is like a deer in headlights with her.

There are other rumblings in Salem America. Gabi has finally received her comeuppance, but it looks like her BFF Abigail is going to toss her a lifelong and not throw the book at her nemesis. I guess its fighting considering the mayhem Gabi endured courtesy of Abigail; so I think it’s fair to say both are even at this point. However, there is still that pesky problem of Stefan DiMera. He is about to be deal with immense loss of a child that was never his, but his thirst for revenge (against Abigail, Gabi) and all the others who screwed him over, will be front and center.

However, Jack’s return to Salem is the talk of the town and his sudden re-emergence has everyone aghast. Abigail is fighting for her father to remember, JJ is fighting Eve, and Jennifer is speechless dare I say. There is plenty more to this story and I cannot wait to see how the writers play to unwrap it for viewers.