Kanye West “Yeezus” Album Review


HOLLYWOOD—Kanye West released his sixth studio album “Yeezus” on Tuesday to critical acclaim.  West’s sixth album had no pre-order or official track listing until a week before its release. He didn’t partake in much marketing, as he decided to put out the release which is expected to move over 500,000 copies.

Kanye kicks off “Yeezus” with “On Site,” which combines modern industrial music sound effects and a choir. This transitions into one of the albums darker songs “Black Skinhead” which tackles social problems. The song also has a distorted feel to it as the album goes into “I Am God,” which supposedly features God and than moves onto “New Slaves” featuring Frank Ocean. The first four out of the ten tracks of the album come with a forceful punch and strong beats, but the album begins to mellow out a little more after this section.

The instrumentation is still powerful, but on a lighter tone. “Hold My Liquor” features Justin Vernon of Bon Iver and Chief Keef, one of the better songs on the album. “I’m In It” features Justin Vernon once again. Kanye distorts his voice on the verses as he raps about his sexual exploits with a woman. The next song “Blood On The Leaves” is a lot more intimate and the longest song on the album, which goes over a Nina Simone sample; this song than moves on to “Guilt Trip,” which features longtime friend and collaborator Kid Cudi. This is one of the most uneventful songs in the album. The ninth song on the album is the most club ready song “Send It Up” featuring Chicago based rapper King Louie where both rap over sirens.

West ends the album on a high note with “Bound 2,” which samples the Ponderosa Twins “Bound.” The album isn’t as memorable as “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” or as hip-hop sounding as “The College Dropout” or “Graduation.” It falls in between “Late Registration” and “808’s & Heartbreak.” It is the most unique and riveting album in the rappers discography.

By Luis Cuevas