SAN FRANCISCO—Macaroons, Conchas, and Pan Dulce were some of the popular favorites for 67 years at La Victoria Bakery in the Mission District that closed its doors on Tuesday, October 9. La Victoria opened in 1951 and became a well-known business in the Mission District.

Danny Gabriner who has helped Laura Hernandez manage La Victoria since January spoke to San Francisco News regarding what led to the closure of the bakery. 

“We just moved everything out yesterday, because of a family dispute that led to the building being sold,” said Gabriner to San Francisco News. “It’s in the final stages of being sold, the most likely new owner will be Mike Fishman of Cinderella Bakery,” Gabriner added.

Customers can continue to purchase bread through their operational location in the Dogpatch District.

La Victoria has a wholesale location on 3rd and 22nd and plans to continue to bake bread for their customers. Wholesale customers include El Chico, La Loma, Howard Street and Tacolicious being their main restaurant listed. The company will no longer be at the retail location in the Mission District.

“We’ve always had customers that tell us they came in the 70s and 80s and its shocking and sad to see it close,” Gabriner said to San Francisco News.