HOLLYWOOD—Oh, things are getting juicy good with the Ryan Chamberlain storyline. With Franco arrested, everyone suspects he’s the guilty party, but not even the police commissioner, Jordan Ashford or Curtis suspect that Franco is guilty. Jordan came up with a killer plan to draw the killer out of the shadow. It was quite genius to say the least. If Franco took credit for Ryan’s crimes, his ego would erupt and he’d want to regain that power; so much to the point that Ryan would be tempted to make another move. However, it would force Franco to confess to crimes he didn’t commit and forcing people who believe in his innocence to question him.

Laura has been adamant that “Kevin” has not been himself, so she made a move to see just what her ex has been doing. Man, I didn’t even catch that prenuptial slip. Kevin is indeed smart and Ryan fell for it, just as Laura followed her ‘lover’ to Ferncliff to see who he needed to pay a visit to. She was halted in her tracks, but the curiosity has been peaked so that is good news to say the least.  Ryan is being checkmated by his brother, and he did not like Kevin taking jabs at his love life with Ava. Lulu dropped more information to Curtis that she was researching previous murders committed by Ryan Chamberlain, and it raised some flags.

Willow Tait is becoming a very interesting character. She is getting closer to Chase, while having a strong attraction to Michael. If that wasn’t complicated she is intertwined with Valentin, Lulu, Nina, Liz, Franco and Charlotte because of the bullying with Aiden. On top of that, she has revealed to Brad that she knows he has her son, who actually isn’t her son. The one thing audiences still don’t have the answer to: who is the father of Willow’s baby? Yes, I’m dying to know that secret and I figure the baby daddy is somehow tied to Port Charles in some chaotic way.

Who would have expected Carly Corinthos to be pregnant on “General Hospital.” It was something that came out of left field. When Carly dropped the bomb on Sonny, he was taken aback. I would argue he wasn’t the happiest. I mean this guy already has five children: Dante, Michael, Kristina, Morgan and Avery. This new bundle of joy makes six and that’s the last thing this guy needs. The stress of one child alone will drive someone crazy, so imagine six. Sonny was concerned that his wife might be mistaken, but she was certain she was pregnant, so the question that now remains is what will transpire next with this bundle of joy? Kim did alert Carly and Sonny that the pregnancy is high-risk, which means decisions might have to be made.

We can’t wrap things up, without chatting about Valentin and Nina. The truth about Sasha is slowly rearing its head. With that being said, Nina seemed to be in full-blown wedding mode; even though the people to her think she’s making a major mistake. Those people include Curtis, Sasha, Lulu, Liesl and Maxie. Peter who is not Valentin’s number one fan spilled some vital Intel to Maxie and the two deduced that Liesl has leverage over Valentin.

The way these two realized that Sasha might be a fake was epic in my opinion. It was like the writers told us everything we wanted without directly telling us. It was all about the dialogue people. So Maxie and Peter suspect that Sasha isn’t Nina’s daughter and Maxie put her plan in motion to prove it. Oh, I cannot wait for Valentin to pay for his sins because this bomb might finally cause Nina to snap and it could be explosive to say the least.

We’ve been waiting and Laura at long last got a glimpse of the patient that ‘Kevin’ has been visiting and she saw KEVIN! OMG, I’ve been waiting for this and Laura knows there are 2 Kevin’s roaming in Port Charles. However, as soon as she confirmed the truth that she was indeed looking at her husband, Ryan drugged her. Oh, this is so good because Ryan has slipped and considering that Laura is the mayor he’s going to have to think fast to cover his tracks, while also ensuring not to commit another crime with Franco behind bars.

Laura has now become a captor for Ryan, but with Lulu and others concerned about Laura’s whereabouts it looks like desperation is about to cause Kevin to make a huge mistake exposing him as the serial killer that has tormented PC for months now. Oh, the fun “GH” has been this month.