HELLO AMERICA!—The death of Jeffrey Epstein in prison, will no doubt, interest Tinseltown film and TV scribes for the next few seasons. Attorney General William Barr, of course, will play a major role based on his continual battle with the FBI. Director, Gerald Gordon struggled to contain his anger and emotions when discussing what the current White House has allowed to happen, not only involving the Mexican border, but with all of our European allies including Canada.

“We are in an international mess,” said Gordon. “No matter where you turn, people are angry, temperamentally aggressive when discussing race and making it clear that having a man such as Mitch McConnell as a major power in the Senate is ripping the nation apart!” He also believes that filmmakers, generally, should make note of every scene of action taken by state representatives and most definitely those voted for House and Senate seats. “Because of all the hate crimes,” he continued, “that are erupting in towns and cities in many parts of our nation, the real face of America is seeping in blood and tears, affecting our kids, neighbors and religious organizations at every turn. No one type of neighborhood is safe!”

Many people are too young to recall to the heat of the Second World War, one which affected every nation on the globe; one which Germany was overpowered by a group known as Nazis, controlled by a man known as Adolph Hitler. We viewed films about German families programmed by the Gestopo to turn on each other; young people of a family if believing a parent or any relative was anti-Hitler, would be jailed.

I remember watching a film called “Hitler’s Children” and left the theater totally shocked by what the film revealed. Family members against each other, neighbors not to “trusted, they were all under the evil spell of an insane, politically ambitious man whose only interest was controlling the masses and his being recognized as ruler.” Sound familiar?

A few years following the war, the student-body of Swarthmore High School, located about 10 miles outside of Philadelphia made arrangements to sponsor a young German student, Klaus Lang to attend our school for a year. It was quite a time of raw information stemming from a young student who actually lived under Nazi rule and first hand observed how the Jewish people were treated. Swarthmore students totally mesmerized by Lang and for several years after his return to Germany exchanged information concerning social and government changes.

Again, it is up to the film industry to assist in painting a picture of human reality concerning what kind of world we are challenged to maintain a healthy existence. It has been many years when hearing songs such as “When Johnny Comes Marching Home” or “Over There,” with all my heart I hope it won’t be necessary for someone to compose a song “OVER HERE!” HELLO!