SAN FRANCISCO—The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency announced that for the next two weeks nighttime Muni services will be shut down. 

Starting on Monday, August 12, Muni services from 9:30 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. will be canceled and a bus will be available for commuters to take between the Embarcadero and West Portal stations. The regular Owl service will pick back up after 1:00 a.m. 

In their announcement, the SFMTA broke down which stations would be affected: 

  • Bus shuttles will serve all Muni Metro stops between Embarcadero/Brannan and St. Francis Circle
  • K/ M – Train service between Balboa Park and St. Francis Circle
  • L – Buses will run between Embarcadero/Brannan and Zoo. No L trains running.
  • N – Train service between Ocean Beach and Church/Duboce (Inbound N trains become outbound J trains at Church/Duboce)
  • J – Train service between Balboa Park and Church/Duboce (Inbound J trains become outbound N trains at Church/Duboce)
  • T – Train service between Sunnydale and Embarcadero/Brannan

The SFMTA indicated that the extra time will allow them to work on things such as overhead lines, tracks, signals, and the Automated Train Control System. They also stated that another shutdown will happen in December.