HOLLYWOOD—My favorite reality TV show of all-time is back! I recall watching my first episode of “Little People, Big World” nearly 12 years ago. It just happened to be one of the days where I was channel surfing and I stumbled on this show on TLC about the lives of little people and their family. It instantly caught my attention, and I’ve looked forward to watching it every season.

So much and I mean so much has changed for the Roloff clan since last year. The biggest news was that both Zach and Jeremy were about to become parents. Since then, Zach and Tori had baby Jackson, Jeremy and Audrey had baby Ember, Molly got married and Jacob is engaged. FYI, these are all details that have already transpired America; I’m hoping the new season chronicles some of these events for the audience.

The 13th season premiere, yes you heard me correctly, the 13th season kicked off with Zack and Tori adjusting to become parents and Jeremy and Audrey getting their new home in order as they prepare for the birth of their daughter. It was such a treat to watch Tori and Zach navigate being parents, dealing with sleepless nights and getting used to taking care of a newborn. Tori was busy planning a Father’s Day surprise for Zach which was fun to witness.

The show has done a terrific job at chronicling Amy and Matt’s life as divorced parents. Yes, after 26 years of marriage the two decided to part ways, however, they still live on the farm together, but on separate ends. Let’s just say the Roloff Farm is huge. So while it seems weird, it’s working for them, and it just shows, even though divorce happens in many families it’s not the end of the world, but as Amy said it best, “Divorce changes things.” Life as it was before will never be the same.

Jeremy definitely has his work cut out for him; that house is nowhere close to being finished and ready for the baby. Audrey is very pregnant, and Jeremy is facing the pressure to get things in tip top shape to have everything completed before the new bundle of joy arrives. Matt was planning a barbeque to celebrate Father’s Day, as Tori planned a gift from the heart for her hubby Zach.

Amy was concerned about inviting Chris to Tori and Zach’s abode for dinner. Yeah, it is never easy to introduce a new person into your child’s life because things may not always go as you expect. However, things went well, Chris and Zach bonded, they built a patio table together and Zach was thrilled to have his favorite dish: spaghetti! On the other spectrum, Audrey was experiencing some paralyzing pains during her pregnancy that raised her concerns, as well as Jeremy, with the fear that something serious could be wrong with the baby or Audrey. Thankfully, it was nothing serious, just the bundle of joy sitting in an awkward spot.

It was an eye-opener to hear Amy discuss the possibility of no longer living on the farm, and based on the trailer it looks like more friction between Amy and Matt will transpire as the season unfolds. Audrey and Tori decorated Matt’s home and prepared food to celebrate Father’s Day. Seeing that photo that Tori put together was so phenomenal; chronicling the four generations of the Roloff clan with photos was just something many people never think about. Indeed a happy moment to say the least. I thought this season was going to be drama free, but the sparks between Matt, Amy and the farm looks like things are about to get super ugly for the Roloff family. “Little People, Big World” airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on TLC.