HOLLYWOOD—I have been a fan of the TLC series “Little People, Big World” since 2006 or 2007 when I first caught a glimpse of the reality series that highlights the lives of little people. The first season was presented to the audience like a documentary and it was riveting to watch this family of little people, led by Amy and Matt Roloff navigate life, with three of their children Jeremy, Molly and Jacob being average size, while their son Zach is a little person just like them.

As the seasons progressed, it became more of a reality series, but it was still entertaining to watch America. The series eventually ended, only to come back a few years later and has been airing consistently since. However, there has been major and I mean major changes over the years. Jacob and Molly have barely been captured on the series since it officially ended back in 2013. Jeremy and his wife Audrey, who became staples when the series returned, left the series 2-3 seasons ago, and now we’re just looking at the lives of Matt, Amy and Zach.

Amy and Matt divorced after over 20 plus years of marriage, Matt is with his girlfriend Karen living on the farm, Amy has remarried to Chris and purchased a new home and Zach and his wife, Tori are raising their two children Jackson and Lila, both who are little people. Zach’s family is so cute America; it just puts a smile on your face as a viewer.

Now that I’ve given you a bit of a history on the show let’s talk about the premiere episode that was full of tension people and not in the best way. For years, Matt Roloff has teetered on the notion of having one of his children run the farm. I mean Matt is getting older and can’t do the things that he once did when he was younger. I always thought it would be Jeremy or Zach who would take over the farm. At first I thought Jeremy, but once he left the series it made me question if that would ever happen.

Last season, Zach teased the idea of living on the farm and this premiere jumped right into that drama and it was ugly people. Matt was hoping to negotiate a business deal with his son to purchase a portion of the farm, but from Tori and Zach’s perspective the meeting did not end well. It was ugly and it was so bad that it caused a MAJOR rift in Matt and Karen’s relationship with Zach, Tori and his grandkids.

As a viewer, it was heartbreaking to watch the drama unfold. A family was being torn apart by a piece of land. Zach was hurt, Tori was hurt, Matt was hurt, Karen was hurt; this foursome seemed quite unified in their bond, but one meeting changed all of that people.

It ultimately led to Zach and Tori looking at homes to accommodate the needs for their growing family. Tori recently suffered a miscarriage last season, but happy news is on the way as the audience knows this season Tori will indeed get pregnant again with the couple’s third child. However, Zach and Tori’s latest move would send shockwaves to Amy, Matt, Karen and Chris. Why? They are moving a considerable distance to the tune of maybe an hour away from their current home. Amy and Chris were stunned with the news, but took it in stride as Zach and Tori shared they’ll be moving fairly soon to Washington and the focus was doing what was best for their family, not everyone else.

Amy got a bit more insight into what happened between Zach and Matt when they met to discuss a financial agreement for him to purchase a portion of the farm. Amy knows Matt better than anyone and explained to the audience that Matt was trying to negotiate a deal with his son like a stranger and as Amy noted when its family the notion of negotiating has to be completely different in the business arena.

As a viewer I wish I was a fly in the room with that negotiation transpired between Matt, Karen, Tori and Zach because it was apparently tense as hell and I’m sure some arguing transpired along the way people and things got brutal. It was so bad that Zach and Tori was nervous about breaking the news to Matt and Karen about their move. I mean they utilized Jackson to break the news to grandpa. Yeah, I did cringe a little at the thought of Jackson sharing the big move to Matt. I wanted Zach to man up and tell his father what was happening. As Zach stated, Grandpa Matt was stone-faced; he seemed to show little to no emotion.

Karen was visibly shocked by the news and Tori and Zach noted the tension in the room was so thick you could cut it with a knife people. It was awkward to watch. I cannot remember the last time I watched “Little People, Big World” and felt a bit uncomfortable. This is a show that I’m used to seeing have plenty of heart and fun, while still dealing with real-life issues, but not to the point where as a viewer my heart was hurting watching.

It feels like Zach and Matt’s relationship will never be the same after this farm deal did not end in success. Amy is likely to share with Matt in a way that he can understand the way he went about the situation with their son was NOT the best approach. Rather Matt actually takes in what his ex-wife is telling him is another thing people. There have been teases for the upcoming season in the trailer and to be honest this might be the most drama-filled season of the series and I’m intrigued to see what unfolds. All-new episodes of “Little People, Big World” air Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on TLC.