“Little People, Big World” Returns

Little People, Big World

HOLLYWOOD—It was one of my top reality shows on The Learning Channel (TLC).  When I discovered in 2010, that “Little People, Big World” would be going off the air it saddened me a bit. To my surprise, nearly 3 years later, the series that introduced the world to the lives of little people returned to TLC with a new season on Tuesday, October 29.

It was the first time that the Roloff Farm was complete with the entire gang: Amy, Matt, Jeremy, Zach, Molly and Jacob; the entire family back at the farm to prepare for a busy season of weddings and getting ready for pumpkin season.  Matt and Amy had a tough decision to make in regards of generating more revenue for the farm, which took a bit of a hit with the wedding season from the previous year. Jeremy returned to the farm after being gone for nearly two years, Molly also returned home after a year away at college; it was a constant reminder of real life. People grow up and take on new responsibilities, not just the parents, but the kids as well. Matt was once again searching for new projects to tackle on the farm, as he normally does; he’s a busy body, he likes to keep moving, which in my opinion is a great thing. It doesn’t hurt that he has a creative mind as well.

Twins Zach and Jeremy discussed the issue of attending college and some of the pitfalls that are faced, just as Matt devised a plan to burn down a property home on the farm.  There was just one problem; his wife, Amy had no idea what Matt planned, which created a panic. The siblings bonded over a campfire with s’mores, where Zach questioned his path in life. It’s been a hard fought battle for Zach who has attempted to figure out just precisely the career path that best fits him.  The family all pitched in to get the farm in tact as wedding season arrived.

It was quite a revelation to see Zach make the decision to focus on his education, instead of his hectic work schedule; wise choice indeed.  The power of education is unstoppable. Amy and Matt were able to register their first wedding at the farm with a bit of hesitation. At first, I didn’t think the couple would chose the farm to host the happiest day of their lives, but a few jokes from Amy helped seal the deal in my opinion.

There is a possibility that Zach may have discovered his second calling as a possible filmmaker.  Determined to achieve a high grade in his literature class, Zach worked on a last minute film project involving Molly, Jeremy and Noah, a friend of Jacob’s, to assist on the task.

The sad part of this new season is the impending death of beloved pet, Rocky, who is suffering from a malignant tumor that is expected to claim his life. It just reminds so many of us how much of an impact our pets have on our lives; they are members of the family, they might not be able to talk, but they are just as important.

The one reason I have loved “Little People, Big World” is because of the lessons that are learned from this family that is a slice of American life. Families fight, we face difficult times, tragedy happens, but in the end the bond of family is stronger than anything. With family there isn’t anything that can’t be accomplished.  For all those avid fans who have been eagerly awaiting the return of one of TLC’s most popular families, watch the journey of “Little People, Big World” Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on TLC.  It’s good to have the show back!

By LaDale Anderson