SAN FRANCISCO—Local Latin musician Pete Escovedo is celebrating his 82nd birthday with a performance at The Chapel in San Francisco.

Escovedo is a jazz player who broke down the walls between Smooth Jazz, Salsa, Latin Jazz and contemporary music. He has been playing music for the past 60 years.  He is known worldwide for his live performances, art work and solo albums. Escovedo has performed at the White House for President Obama twice and made an appearance at The Chapel on Friday,  January 13.

“During yesterday’s show, not one person stopped clapping, singing or having a good time. Overall a talented performance,” an anonymous usher told San Francisco News.

“Audiences today are definitely much more knowledgeable about Latin jazz than they were a few years ago,” Escovedo told Concord Music Group.

Escovedo leads one of the top Latin Jazz orchestras in the country and continues to deliver his music throughout the world.