SAN FRANCISCO—A family from Charlotte, North Carolina who was in the Bay Area to spread their loved one’s ashes, had their rental vehicle broken into with the ashes stolen near Fisherman’s Wharf on Wednesday, April 12.

The deceased was Joe Wilkinson, who would have turned 57 on Thursday, April 13. The family attempted to make sure nothing was left in plain view in the rental vehicle and are hoping the San Francisco Police Department can assist with recovering Wilkinson’s remains.

Mary Wilkinson and her daughter Julia came to Fisherman’s Wharf to honor Joe’s life and love of Dungeness crab before spreading his ashes.  The suspect(s) also stole a suitcase and Mary’s wallet. The Wilkinsons contacted the SFPD and dispatchers directed them to fill out an online report after they explained what was stolen. The family contacted reporters in hopes of getting the word out to the public to recognize the someone would see their story and recognize a scatter tube in a velveteen case.

After the family contacted them, ABC 7 News contacted the SFPD, and officers met with the family at the garage the day after the break-in to dust for prints and investigate for surveillance video.

The SFPD has indicated for the public to go to any police station and speak with officers after a car break-in. The family was unaware of the protocol until after meeting with officers.