HOLLYWOOD—Brad Montgomery might be in the slammer, but all is not as it seems on Tyler Perry’s “If Loving You is Wrong.” This week’s episode, ‘The Power of Love’ saw Brad being interrogated by Steven regarding his involvement in the disappearance of Alex’s son and the attack on Randal and Miss Louise. Looks like Steven was doing all in his power to push Brad’s buttons and it didn’t take much for Brad to lose his temper, but he’s making himself look guiltier by the minute.

Ok, this interrogation seen is dragging more than it should be, so it was a treat to see the situation transition to Ben being placed on duty to watch Miss Louise until she wakes. Hmm, Ben seemed thrown off to learn that Pete has been placed on FBI detail. Marcie finally emerged from the bathroom, just as Esperanza and Kelly did their best to cheer about their pal.  Man, I’m totally feeling sorry for Marcie who seems to be in an irrational state of mind. Wow, wow, could it be that Marcie is pregnant? And if so who is the father of her baby, I’m guessing its Brad!

Eddie was not pleased to learn that Pete was moved at the hospital, with a FBI Detail watching over him. Eddie was not happy to see Ben talk back and he accustomed his sidekick by the throat. God, Eddie is such a character. Speaking of the hospital, the audience got the opportunity to see what was going on with Lushion, Natalie and Joey. It’s apparent that the love between Lushion and Natalie is indeed growing; it took a while for it to happen, but to see all the madness these two endured, only make them stronger is a testament to the power of love.

Andrew gave Lushion a call to alert him that Brad was arrested, and Alex’s child and Randal are both missing. I feel for Andrew, but at that same time Lushion has a family matter that is of urgency. Well, well, speak of the Devil, as Eddie walked into the hospital to have a conversation with Natalie that pushed her buttons. Things only got worse when Lushion warned Eddie that he’s out for blood if he makes any threats to Natalie or his family. Our undercover FBI agent is onto his pal, cause he warned him not to go anywhere near Pete. Ok, now the episode is getting juicy people, because it looks like plenty of things are being put into place to amplify the narrative.

Natalie be careful with that mouth of yours, spilling Lushion’s FBI cover could be detrimental not only to your fiancé, but your family. Ben had a secret meeting with Julius who continued to tempt the rookie copy with lavish gifts and promises. Well, at long last, we know what Julius wants from Ben: he wants Eddie dead. Ben was resistant to the idea, and the situation got awkward when it appeared Ben might be making advances towards Julius.

Please don’t tell me the episode is going to conclude where the episode kicked off: in the interrogation room! Certainly, looks like it people, as Steven continued to go in circles with Brad, who I suspect has nothing to do with the disappearance of Randal and the baby. Hmm, but those final moments saw Brad snap and confess to killing Alex’s baby, after being forced to look at the picture of Alex’s newborn child. Are we getting any closer to learning where Alex’s baby and Randal are? Doesn’t look like it, but fingers crossed that next week delivers fans with a twist. Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday,’ “If Loving You is Wrong” love birds!