HOLLYWOOD—After weeks of causing havoc for the residents of Port Charles, Olivia Jerome has found her reign of terror come to end on “General Hospital.” Well, maybe not, we can discuss more about that later. Olivia not only placed a bomb inside General Hospital, after she kidnapped Robin, the mobster, held her sister Ava hostage, before kidnapping Alexis and forcing Julian to fire a gun at his one true love. Amidst all that chaos, she never expected Carly and Sonny to be her downfall.

Yeah, messing with a mobster is a big no-no, especially when that mobster is Sonny Corinthos and he is grieving the loss of his youngest son. However, I never expected Carly to be the woman to take out a vicious thug to say the least. So justice has been obtained for the mourning parents, but if I know Sonny, he wants vengeance, and that means death. When Carly is on the verge of committing murder, I think she indeed give Sonny a pass if he did take out Olivia Jerome.

To make matters worse, Sonny has reason to suspect that Ava played some role in Morgan’s death. She did by swapping Morgan’s meds and causing his erratic behavior to spiral even further. Unfortunately, only Julian, Lucy and Scotty are aware of the devious deed. Ava is shaking in her boots with the revelation that Lucy has major leverage over her; so much to the point that she asked Scotty to woe his former flame in hopes of nabbing those pills to clear her name. Ava may have gotten away with plenty of things in the past, but this might be one action that delivers consequences she never expected.

I’m still baffled by why Nelle Hayes has chosen to remain in Port Charles now that the gig is up, perhaps there is more to the story that viewers have no idea about. She has now cozied up to Nina who couldn’t be happier with Valentin and little Charlotte. Yes, that’s right; Valentin was awarded full custody of a child that also belongs to Lulu. Laura was furious with the outcome; I mean this is the man who murdered her son Nikolas in cold blood, and has done some heinous things to Laura, Lulu, Dante and her grandson Spencer.

Nina has played dirty, so has Valentin and if there is one person that can threaten the happily ever after, it’s Anna Devane. Nina is no fan of the WSB Agent who has a sordid past with Valentin that has left her rattled. To make matters worse, there is apparently something in his past that Valentin does not want Anna to unearth. Why would he go to such lengths to verbally threaten Anna? I mean the courts have made it clear one more offense and he loses custody of Charlotte, but why not let the past stay the past? The meeting between Anna and Dr. Obrecht left me giddy; two mortal enemies working together to take down Valentin, who SURPRISE was working with OLIVIA JEROME!

This is where I have become slightly frustrated with the “GH” writers; they have teased slightly the history between Valentin, Anna and the WSB, but audiences haven’t been delivered enough detail to give us an indication that there is more than meets the eye. Returning our conversation back to Nelle, she is in desperate need of a job, and it appears that Nina is the only person who has not yet been warned by Carly of the duplicitous Nelle.

Nina has reservations, but a friendship could be shattered when Carly divulges the entire backstory to Nina about Nelle and what she has done to her family. Things were only complicated further by the return of Carly’s former flame Jasper Jacks to PC this week. Hmm, Jax only returns to town when a crisis is in place, so what secret is he keeping?

Perhaps the biggest stunner of the week was that phone call Liesl made to CESAR FAISON informing him that Anna Devane needs his help to take down Valentin Cassadine. For Anna to request the assistance of her worst enemy to take down a bigger threat means something. I’m already salivating with the thought of Valentin going toe-to-toe with the great Cesar Faison. It should be epic television “General Hospital” fans!