HOLLYWOOD─It was the secret that wasn’t really a secret America on “Days of Our Lives!” I always suspected Victor and Xander were keeping a secret after that massive time jump. How so? Explain who these two who despised each other became best buds. After some digging, it was Ciara who connected the dots to realize that Xander and Victor framed Will for Adrienne’s death to protect the truth from coming out: it was Maggie!

Yes, the prolific one has fallen off the wagon more times than I can count. This time her stunt behind the wheel caused a crash that led to Adrienne’s demise, the death of her granddaughter and placed an innocent man in jail for more than a year. Victor was adamant that Will stay quiet to protect Maggie, just as Ciara urged him to confess the truth. Yeah, I love you Maggie, but there is no way I’m doing hard time for a crime that I did not commit.

Maggie started to remember those memories from the past and Victor and Xander were forced to share all the horrid details from that fateful night. Maggie was left speechless and was forced to do what Victor hoped would never happen: to tell the truth. Sonny was stunned, and he lashed out, just as he came to the realization that Victor was part of the ruse that kept him from the love of his life for more than a year. Will was bounced from the slammer and released just in perfect timing with the prospect of Gabi facing time behind bars.

Yes, the dirty truth about Gabi controlling Julie’s pacemaker blew up in her face, she was arrested and facing hard time, but at silver lining was presented to her as she discovered she was a bone marrow match for Mackenzie. Yes, Gabi is about to get her get out of jail free card, and while Gabi has done some devious misdeeds many of the latest ones were a direct result of extreme grief.

I mean she was sent to prison for a crime she did not commit courtesy of Abigail and Stefan. Yeah, Abigail was sick, but that does not make up for the turmoil Gabi endured at her hands. So I think vengeance was warranted there. And when it comes to Julie, dear gosh that woman is annoying. Can we just send Doug and Julie off into the sunset already people? Lani shot and killed Stefan than Gabi was pushed against a wall to give Julie’s family his heart to save her life.

That is a huge pill to swallow people, and Lani deserved a bit of punishment as a result, just taking Eli from him would have been sufficient, but Gabi likes to stick the dagger and twist it a bit. Just when you think Gabi Hernandez is out, she always finds a way to bounce back. This brings us to the big reveal of the hour, we finally discover who Jordan’s baby daddy is and it is not the jaw-dropper we expected. Here’s the thing, if you’re going to reveal a big bomb like this, it better deliver and this one fizzled on an epic scale.

Really, Evan is the person who killed Jordan Ridgeway and framed Ben. A guy we only met AFTER the time jump? That was just bad writing and a lackluster reveal that did not impress at all to say the least people. Rafe came to the conclusion, but the fact that we’re seeing this character bid farewell, makes me wonder what will happen with Gabi in the near future. I mean “Days” was on its last life, but managed to garner a renewal, but we know that Sonny and Will are leaving Salem, so I expect many more cast cuts in the near future. Trimming the fat is always a good thing, but that matters when you’re getting rid of characters the audience doesn’t care about.

The truth about Steve being Stefano is out, but why hasn’t anyone actually done anything about it? Oh, that might be a direct result of Steve holding Kayla captive. So John and Marlena really think it’s all over, the delusions on some people America. Ciara and Ben continue to play who can save the other more, as it was her TIME to come to his rescue just as he was about to receive the lethal injection. I really like these two together, but they need meatier material than just swapping back and forth from saving one another every few months.

Stefano does not seem afraid to wander around town with everyone knowing who he is. Why the Salem PD hasn’t made a move on this yet I can’t wrap my head around it people. Stefano has plans though as he drugged Chad’s drink, so what does he plan to have his youngest offspring do for his bidding? Looks like Chad doesn’t have much to do with Abigail overseas, so this gives the character something to sink his teeth into America!