HOLLYWOOD—Why is it that men get paid more in Hollywood? There has been a steady stream of top Hollywood actresses who have complained that they have been paid less than their male costars. Meryl Streep, Jennifer Lawrence and Natalie Portman have all pointed out the disparity. So why is this still happening in 2017? Mark Wahlberg earned $42 million more than the best paid actress.

The world’s 10 best-paid actors earned a total of $488.5 million in the past year, according to Forbes magazine. That’s almost three times more than their female counterparts, who took home $172.5 million between them. No wonder Marky Mark is an entrepreneur. Wahlberg first came to fame as the younger brother of Donnie Wahlberg of the successful boy band “New Kids on the Block.” Mark, at the age of 13, was one of the group’s original members, along with Donnie, Danny Wood, Jordan Knight, and Jonathan Knight.

He quit after staying three months in the group. His departure eventually allowed Joey McIntyre to take his place as the fifth member of the group. Wahlberg co-owns the Wahlburgers restaurant chain with his brothers Donnie and Paul. It was Mark’s idea to expand Paul’s restaurant in Hingham, Massachusetts, into a full-fledged chain with a reality show to promote it. Rick Vanzura, formerly of Panera Bread, is the CEO. You may recall, last month Donnie Wahlberg, left a waitress at the Waffle House in Charlotte, North Carolina, a $2,000 tip.

“Transformers” star Mark Wahlberg tops the male list with $68 million-compared to $26 million for the highest paid actress, which was this year’s Best Actress Oscar-winner Emma Stone from “La La Land.” According to Forbes, another 13 men earned more than Stone between June 2016 and June 2017, including Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Jackie Chan and her “La La Land” co-star Ryan Gosling. So the highest-paid male actors are; Mark Wahlberg with earnings of $68 million; “The Rock,” with $65 million; Vin Diesel, $54.5 million; Adam Sandler with $50.5 million; Jackie Chan with $49 million; Robert Downey Jr with $48 million; Tom Cruise with $43 million; Shah Rukh Khan with $38 million; Salman Khan with $37 million, and Akshay Kumar with $35.5 million.

The highest-paid females actresses include: Emma Stone with earnings of $26 million; Jennifer Aniston with $25.5 million; Jennifer Lawrence with $24 million; Melissa McCarthy with $18 million; Mila Kunis with $15.5 million; Emma Watson with $14 million; Charlize Theron with $14 million; Cate Blanchett with $12 million; Julia Roberts with $12 million, and last but not least, Amy Adams with $10.5 million. Natalie Portman has revealed that Ashton Kutcher was paid substantially more than she was for appearing in the 2011 film, “No Strings Attached.” The actress said the gap was down to film bosses paying what they thought her male co-star was worth.

That may happen in the film industry, however In the recording industry, women like Taylor Swift are raking it in. Exactly 3 years after Taylor released her fifth studio album “1989,” she’s back. She’s just posted a tweet which reveals her new album is called “Reputation” and will be released on November 10. All the photos have also returned to her social media profiles after mysteriously disappearing last Friday. It’s her sixth studio album and led to the hashtag#TS6 to trend on Twitter at points since her “blackout” at the end of last week and this week.

The first single from the album is slated to be released on August 25. The singer continued to tease her fans as she revealed the face of a snake in a third cryptic clip on August 23. She followed up her video of an unidentified creature’s tail to reveal, as fans had expected, the mystery reptile was a snake. The latest clip, posted on Instagram and Twitter, shows the creature’s head writhing around before snapping at the screen. Her last album, “1989,” sold more than six million copies in the US. Taylor’s been a little busy recently winning a court case against a radio DJ who groped her during an interview in 2013. She said that by winning she hoped to “help those whose voices should also be heard.” There are rumors swirling that Taylor could join Katy Perry on stage at the VMAs this year in a reconciliation performance.

Rose’s Scoop: Martin Scorsese, one of the most celebrated film directors of all time, is set to produce a new movie about The Joker with “The Hangover’s” Todd Phillips as director. No release date or further details about the film is currently known.