UNITED STATES—To me it always seemed like going to college was an elitist thing.  Not everyone gets the opportunity to go, so those that do tend to make the best of it.  However, I always wondered why getting into college is such a competitive field when so many of us are attending public universities?  The reason this argument is important to me is since the university is open to the public and receives funding from the state government why isn’t anyone who pays state taxes given a fair stab at entering the school.

Look at things this way, I’m paying taxes to the state, which ultimately is used for funding for public universities as a tax payer, I should have that same right if not a bigger right to attend that university without having to endure a impossible entrance exam to be accepted.  Let’s face it I hate universities that charge these admission fees.  Seriously?  I have to fork out $50-$150 to apply for undergraduate or graduate studies at your school, but the kicker is if I don’t get accepted all that money I gave is gone.

I don’t think so.  On a personal level if you pay an admission fee and are not selected to attend a particular university that money you spend should be given back to you.  I mean how do you “really” know the school took you serious as a candidate.  This could have been just another tactic to get money from hopeful students.  It would be nice to see a film that dives into the inner workings of college admissions. It was quite funny to see “Legally Blonde” tackle those issues, but how accurate are they.

If we harp so much how important a college education is why are we not doing more as a nation to make it accessible for all students who want to attend college to have the right to do so?  I mean college is costly and the truth of the matter is prices for tuition continue to sky-rocket year after year, with no end in sight.  The board just sits in a room and says “Let’s raise prices.”  What about the impact on the already struggling student?  How about the university cut back on wasteful spending and be more perceptive to the budget in front of them before proposing a tuition hike.

Some professors are way overpaid anyway for doing absolutely nothing.  I’m sorry lecturing a student does not teach them, if anything it bores us.  How about taking a more active role like the teacher’s assistant who does all the work, but receives little to nothing for doing it. If you pay public taxes, attending a public university should be an opportunity for you.  Heck your money is helping to keep the school afloat.

If today’s children are tomorrow’s future how can we expect them to succeed when we’re not taking all the right steps to promote higher education; not by making it unattainable for most people, but by making it attainable for everyone.