FRESNO—On Tuesday, February 21, a suspect involved in a 2014 bank robbery faced a life sentence in connection with the death of a female hostage.

On July 16, 2014, Jaime Ramos, then 19, Alex Gregory Martinez, then 27, and Gilbert Renteria Jr., then 30, burglarized Bank of the West in Stockton, kidnapping a bank customer, Misty Holt-Singh, 41, and two unidentified female victims  in the process.

According to NBC Bay Area News, the suspect were “well-documented gang members who had loaded magazines strapped to their bodies, fired hundreds of rounds and riddled at least 14 patrol cars.”

Authorities chased the suspects’ vehicle 63 miles through the city of Stockton for approximately one hour, at speeds exceeding 100 mph.

During the chase, the suspects were found to be in possession of an AK-47 Rifle, a .45 caliber lock hand gun, a .45 caliber Ruger handgun, and a 9mm Ruger handgun. One of the suspects shot a total of 200 bullets, damaging 14 police vehicles including the armored BearCat during the chase.

Jaime Ramos. Photo courtesy of Fresno Police Department.
Jaime Ramos. Photo courtesy of Fresno Police Department.

Officers engaged in a shootout, reportedly firing almost 600 shots. Martinez and Renteria Jr. were killed. Ramos survived after he used Holt-Singh as a human shield. She was shot over 10 times.

The two other female victims were wounded after being thrown out of the moving vehicle during the chase. San Joaquin County Deputy District Attorney Robert Himelblau told KRON 4 that neither of the victims attended the sentencing, as “the plea deal avoids a stressful trial where they would have to relive the horror by testifying.”

On Tuesday, Ramos pleaded guilty to Holt-Singh’s death, along with carjacking and attempted murder of a police officer. Prosecutors agreed not to issue the death penalty to Ramos.

Members of Holt-Singh’s family stood up to speak about the deceased wife and mother of two, according to reports.

Her mother, Karen Farmer, asserted while in tears, “My daughter was taken from me. My life will never be the same without my Misty.”

Holt-Singh’s husband, Paul Singh, stated,“They deprived my daughter of her mother. She has no one to tell her how to do her hair, put on her makeup or get ready for her first dance.”

Ramos did not speak in court and his defense attorney Jonathan Fattarsi did not respond to requests for comment.

Pablo Ruvalcaba, 23, who reportedly drove the suspects’ vehicle during the police chase, pleaded guilty to Holt-Singh’s death and was issued a sentence of 25 years to life in prison.