SAN FRANCISCO—The Academy Awards will be handed out on Sunday, February 26. Fewer than five Academy Awards nominated short films have local roots in San Francisco. From documentaries about refugees and life decisions to an animated story about sandpiper growing up and be afraid to try again.

“It’s very much a Bay Area film,” said Alan Barillaro, director of the photorealistic animated short “Piper” to the SF Chronicle. The film is one of Pixar’s technical achievements in recent years. There is so much detail when detailing the beaches in Northern California. Also the birds have to be the most natural way possible.

There is also the Oakland hospital captured in Dan Krauss’ documentary short “Extremis.” The virtual reality moments of the musical father/daughter tale “Pearl,” both were written and directed by Patrick Osborne. Osborne, won an Oscar in 2015 for his work in directing Disney’s animated short “Feast.”

During an interview with the SF Chronicle Krauss, summarized the entire purpose of why people with the same passion as him create short films.

“So many of these films are valuable because of their empathy for their subjects. If that empathy can permeate our culture and society. Then that will be a valuable contribution we didn’t foresee when we were making the films,” Krauss told the SF Chronicle.