SACRAMENTO—Since February 2017, Kevin Paz, of San Francisco has uploaded photos to Facebook of animals he has kept in custody and abused, primarily dogs.

“Little mutha fu** wnt shut da f** up we see wat hapen wit his mouth tape shut fo 3 days,” Paz captioned the photo on his Facebook.

Paz, also known as “Kev Meija,” has reportedly been buying dogs at cheap prices and making them fight. According to some of his posts, he also chained them up (and injured them in the process) and taped their paws and snouts shut. One of the most viewed photos on his Facebook page is that of a dog with a bloody snout, which he claimed had growled at him.

He also uploaded a photo of a cat he had shot with an arrow, captioned, “Caught dis mutha fu** eating my chickens dis morning keep yo fu*** pets in yo own yard mutha fu*** or dis wat happens.”

Paz gave this dog a bloody snout, asserting that it growled at him.

Paz’s Everpedia profile states that he makes a living off of dog fighting money and typically requests dogs over 40 pounds via Facebook.

He has posted several statuses in boldface with captions such as “I needz 3 dogs by tomorrow cash in hand,” “Needz 2 dog’s under 50 pounds today,” and “I needz 7 dogs by Tue must be 50 pounds.”
Paz has also made suggestive advances and comments about women on his profile such as, “Needz some females the freaker da better cash in hand,” “Aye baby girl u so fine u blow dis nig*** mind,” and “Dis d** so big deez bitches be scared when I drop den drawers da say sh** skinny mutha fu** with a fat a** d**.”

Paz posted on August 27, 2017 that he attended court but his case was dropped. No additional information about any charges or consequences has been released.

Everpedia also lists the following information:

“Kevin Paz posted his phone number (530) 548-5397. According to a White pages​ reverse phone number look up, the number is registered in Sacramento, California and is a ​non fixed Voice over IP (VOIP) ​phone number like the phone numbers given by Google Voice​ or Skype​.”