UNITED STATES─In my personal opinion, March is that one month during the year that is a tricky one. How so? It’s like a transition from winter to spring, and then you really don’t have too many holidays. I really wouldn’t call St. Patrick’s Day a holiday, but as I’ve aged, it really is one. It’s like the biggest drinking holiday in the world, and people get hammered. However, it is right around that time of year, that a sports fanatic’s dreams come to play: March Madness!

Yes, this is the time of year where for a good 3-4 weeks it is a basketball overload and in the best possible way. Look, I’ve never been a fan of the NBA. I feel like the games on the most part don’t electrify the crowd. However, when it comes to March Madness EVERYONE has something to prove, and that is what makes it so exciting. A team who has a lower ranked seed can become the Cinderella Story of the Big Dance.

While I will admit, I cannot recall the last time a #16 seed went all the way to the NCAA Championship Game, I’ve seen a few actually make the Final Four and that alone is a feat worth touting. The thing about March Madness that is so great is the fact that you have to play your best basketball each time you hit the court. You don’ get a best 2-3, its one and done. If you have a bad game, no matter how stellar of a team you might be, you’re out and that’s it. Your season is over; head home and hope for the best next year if you’re not graduating from college.

With March Madness, fans of basketball or sports in general see fantastic play, heart and just those edge of your seat moments where your favorites shine or the underdogs rise to glory. The first round of gameplay is always the most intriguing to me because you see some top ranked seeds literally crash and burn on the basketball court. I always wondered why that is? Perhaps it’s the fact that they’re playing a team that they’re not use to playing.

That is the thing about the NCAA Tournament that I find exciting. Teams that would NEVER play during a normal season go to battle and the outcome could be a surprise or a given. I honestly wish such an approach was taken in college football. We have those top seeds that everyone thinks will have a cakewalk to the Final Four, while others are fighting and clawing to prove their worth and I absolutely adore it.

At the same time, we see titans go to battle in their quest to make it to the top prize in college basketball, and those are the must see games of March Madness. I wish the brackets had a bit more even playing field where it is not so easy to get to the top battle. Yes, the committee knows exactly what I am talking about, where some of those brackets in regions are so lackluster or uneven, as a viewer you don’t even care to watch a vast majority of the first half of the games. So March Madness is about to get underway, the brackets and rankings will be revealed soon. Having fun predicting who will be the top dog when all the dust settles, I’m certain surprises will be delivered along the way.