HOLLYWOOD—There were some surprises in the past week on the CBS soap “The Young and the Restless.” Notably, we saw the return of Tessa who has been off the canvas for a bit. Why the sudden return? Well it looks like the writers are about to finally unearth the long held secret regarding Mariah and Tessa’s relationship. Mariah hasn’t been happy since she reciprocated her true feelings for Tessa, who while intrigued by the possibility, chose to focus on her career and relationship with Noah instead.

Yeah, this is where things get tricky because Noah and Mariah are brother and sister. So no matter what transpires in the coming weeks, someone is bound to get hurt. I mean Sharon was the first to pick up on Mariah’s connection to Tessa, and has kept her mouth shut to protect both her daughter and son. Mariah has always been a bit of a docile character, but she flew into a fury when she discovered her journal missing. However, that was only the beginning of utter chaos. With the pressure mounting for Tessa to deliver a new single by her boss Devon, the singer got desperate.

So desperate that she stole Mariah’s journal, decided to read it and write a song using Mariah’s words as her inspiration. While a great form of creativity, it only works if that artwork is a direct result of the individual itself. Mariah after hearing Tessa sing her song live on the air, Mariah flew into a rage and put her pal and secret lover on blast on national TV. Making the situation more complicated is Tessa’s refusal to acknowledge her role in the situation. Noah is poking his nose, Hilary is poking her nose, and making the situation worse is the fact that Devon seems to be siding with Tessa. Mariah is livid and so much to the point that she is ready to take legal action to protect her most private inner thoughts. It does raise a very compelling argument in the legal world.

As I love to say, no one stays on top forever, cause Mariah’s world came crashing down this week. Noah learned about Mariah and Tessa’s kiss and things are about to get nasty people. I swear this guy has to be the unluckiest person in love ever on a soap opera. If the women he dates doesn’t betray him, they end up in jail or dead. While the Mariah and Tessa drama is front and center at the moment, we have to discuss the departure of Graham.

Yes, at long last Dina’s confidant, husband and schemer met his make when he attempted to inject a toxin into Dina as she sleep. Graham probably never expected Dina to awaken and put up a fight. So much to the point that Graham injected HIMSELF with the toxin! He was alive, but he was brain dead. As a result, Dina decided to put the entire Abbott clan out of their misery by pulling the plug on Graham. So all looks hopeful for once, but Abby’s untimely mention of her grandmother visiting her in Paris left Jack, Ashley and Traci worried to the core.

We’ve already seen all the shenanigans Dina got into while being watched by multiple people in Genoa City, can you imagine the type of trouble she’ll get into in Paris. Not to mention the fact that she is being watched by Abby who is not the most reliable person to say the least. This distraction only leads to further friction between Jack and Ashley who buried the hatchet to care for their mother. Looks like Jabot is back up for grabs, and Ashley and Jack are not backing down, but in the end it was Jack who was victorious, but as a result Ashley decided to deliver her resignation papers with the company. So I gotta ask, was the company worth a brother and sister losing their relationship?

Happier news to report, Lily and Cane have reunited. Seems like all it took was Paris to reunite the couple, who made love, only to return home with new arrangements. Why? Sam is coming home, and it’s apparent Lily is not thrilled about having a child in her home that isn’t hers, especially a newborn. Lily is having trouble connecting to the little tot, but rather things improve only time will tell. Another relationship having another go around is J.T. and Victoria who gave into their lust for one another in the office, at home and a few other places. Yeah, Victor was not pleased to see his daughter getting busy with her ex. Seems like Victoria might be in a good place as well, but Billy of all people is not happy to have J.T. back in town or hooking up with his ex-wife.

At long last Mariah finally gets a juicy storyline that is likely to kick-off February sweeps, but I wonder what other dram “The Young and the Restless” has planned for soap fanatics in the coming weeks!