UNITED STATES—For years there has been an ongoing debate on rather marijuana is a dangerous drug. While it’s still illegal under federal law, many cities across America have adopted laws making the use of the drug illegal. Some have questioned if by doing so are we opening a door for other drugs. I’ve gone back and forth with this issue for years, but have recently come to the conclusion that marijuana is just as bad as any other drug.

Let me first be the advocate to say any drug that helps deal with medical illnesses I’m all for, but I will not advocate the use of the drug for the simple case of someone just wanting to save they have a medical illness to get their hands on it. That’s not only shameless, but also unorthodox in my opinion.

Furthermore, marijuana has become such a highly totted drug that celebrities and everyday people talk about it like its ok to use. No, its not, and we need to stop advocating it in that manner. It sends a very bad message to kids that it’s ok to engage in drug usage. Guess what, its not. There is a reason most drugs are bad. Would anyone like to guess as to why? It leads to addiction. That is the key word addiction. Anything used over a period of time can be easily acquired into an addiction, and marijuana is no exception.

Well how would I know that, let’s just say I know people who have engaged in usage of the drug and you can see a pattern over a period of time! Let me be clear NEVER have I used marijuana or am one to advocate for people to be able to use the drug like nothing matters.

The person I’m referring to is a family member, and they started at a young age in my opinion, around the age 18, they’re now 21. It started small, but has gotten so bad, nothing is important to this person beyond getting high. Even after having a run-in with the law, where he was arrested after being in possession of the drug and not able to use it for more than three months, they still haven’t learned the lesson.

How he was able to get around this in the legal arena is the factoid that having a good lawyer can make all the difference. As soon as he found out his case had been thrown out, he was right back on the bandwagon of using marijuana. It was almost as if he didn’t consider he literally just escaped hell. The fact that this individual thinks its okay to smoke marijuana as if no one will know he’s doing it is beyond baffling. Guess what, this isn’t a smell that you can easily escape. It’s pretty evident and obvious when you first smoke it.

He eats like a got damn pig, and has no shame in asking for money. Sorry, but if you have a job, you get paid on a Friday and you’re broke that same day and you don’t pay any bills, you have an addiction and seeking help is a must. The biggest fear I have with marijuana is when the person no longer has access to this drug, they might move onto something worse.

So what is the problem with marijuana? It’s a gateway drug that can leads to other bad habits. It could lead to stealing, that could lead to robbery that could lead to murder, and before you know it you’re behind bars. What’s worse is the notion that other drugs could become accessible if the possibility of getting marijuana becomes less accessible. Drugs like meth, cocaine, heroine and others could lead to drastic effects not just on the body, but the psyche of the individual.

Seriously think for a moment before you outright advocate the thumbs up for marijuana to become legalized. It could have more impact on society than we expect.