SAN FRANCISCO—On Friday, June 12, San Francisco Mayor London Breed announced that $1.65 million from the San Francisco Sugary Drinks Distributor Tax (SDDT) will be used for providing “emergency food relief” for people who have problem with affording food due to the coronavirus pandemic. The Office of Mayor uploaded a detailed statement about the soda tax funding on their website.

San Francisco SDDT, as known as SF Soda Tax, was passed by the voters in November 2016. The Soda Tax established a cent per ounce fee of sugary drinks. A part of the goal to have the soda tax is to make it easier to access healthy food for all residents in San Francisco. The SF Soda Tax contributes to multiple programs in San Francisco, including nutrition in schools, community building and oral health.

“SF’s penny-per-ounce tax on sugary drinks is helping San Francisco live their best lives by making it easier to drink more water, eat fresh fruits and vegetables, get exercise, improve oral health, and drink less soda,” reads a statement on SF Soda Tax website.

According to the statement by the Office of Mayor, the $1.65 million funding of “emergency food relief” follows the SDDT Advisory Committee’s recommendations made at a meeting in March. It has been used since early May. The funding will be used by the San Francisco Wholesale Produce Market to shop food for the communities.

The funding will help support low-income people because of the impacts from COVID-19, including seniors, pregnant and breastfeeding women and undocumented immigrants.