McDonald’s On Haight Facing Lawsuit

The Haight Street McDonald's is notorious for drug use and sales neighboring Golden Gate Park.

SAN FRANCISCO—San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera claims he is “not lovin it” in a play off of the signature McDonald’s tagline with reports of the chain’s illegal operations on Haight Street.

The CEO of McDonald’s Steve Easterbrook received a letter on May 12 from Herrera indicating that the corporation will soon face a lawsuit from the City of San Francisco for negligence in supporting the mostly drug-related crimes occurring at the McDonald’s location at the corner of Haight and Stanyan.
In the last two years, police have answered 1,100 calls to this location and 641 since January 2014. The letter indicated the volume of drugs confiscated at this location included over 100 doses of LSD,  two pounds of marijuana, alongside mushrooms and hashish.
the City of San Francisco has filed complaints to the location demanding them to take responsibility for their property. The Whole Foods across the street offers no public restroom and has a security staff on location to prevent the influx of drug trade flowing from Golden Gate Park.
The McDonald’s Corporation has not released a comment about the letter of intent to pursue a lawsuit.