SAN FRANCISCO—A protest at City Hall in support of Mental Health SF on Wednesday, October 30, resulted in two arrests. The rally was meant to bring awareness to the issue of homelessness and mental health in San Francisco but ended in a confrontation between sheriffs and protestors.  

About 100 people at the rally held signs outside in support of “Mental Health SF.”

Protesters outside of City Hall.

Protestors started entering the building, chanting in hallways as sheriffs attempted to contain them. 

Jennifer Worley, President of the Faculty Union at San Francisco’s City College and Sara Shortt director of policy and community organizing for Community Housing Partnerships were both detained by authorities. 

Shortt took to Twitter to describe the moment that sheriffs took her into custody. 

“Then more Sherriffs were brought in they were literally bee lining for me. I tried to simply go into the hearing room and get out of the fray- which naturally meant no more chanting- but they had officers lined up blocking us from entering. That’s when they put the handcuffs on,” @Shorttyshortt tweeted.

Video of the protest has been released showing Shortt in custody, as well as the arrest of Worley. The video of the confrontation at City Hall was uploaded by journalist Laura Waxmann of the SF Examiner.

Mental Health SF is a measure that is currently in the process of being added to the November 2019 ballot. The measure conflicts with Mayor Breeds initiative, “Urgent Care SF,” which has led to a series of negotiations amongst city officials.

Both parties are in search of a solution that will allow individuals with mental health issues to reintegrate into society and receive the proper care.