HOLLYWOOD—I never thought this moment would transpire, but it is America, the USA legal hit “Suits” is about to face some major changes. What are those changes? The departure of series regulars Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) and Rachel Zane (Meghan Markle) and it was a fitting departure to say the least. I mean I never expected the series to do anything brass and knock-off one of the characters, but let’s be honest that would be some riveting TV to say the least. This was a loaded season finale; so much that audiences were given 2 juicy hours of legal drama with back-to-back episodes, ‘Tiny Violin’ followed by ‘Good-Bye.’

The first episode saw Mike being emotionally connected to the clinic after Nathan dropped by his place about a potential class action lawsuit involving the health of children. Per usual Mike was ready to say no way, but if you tug on the guys heartstrings it changes everything. Harvey and Louis were at war with the partners who were looking to get their stake back into the firm. Needing assistance Harvey found himself going to Scottie once again asking for a favor and the two bickered per usual as Harvey asked an ally to save his firm from going down in flames. What?! Harvey not actually getting what he wants, this is indeed a first!

Harvey while talking with Louis realized that Scottie wasn’t a member of the firm when the others departed, and as a result a new plan was in play to rescue the firm which involved asking Rachel’s father for assistance. Mike decided to use an audience to heighten the stakes for his class action lawsuit, which Mike scuffed when the opponent delivered his offer. Mike wanted bigger numbers, which left me worrying yet again if he was digging his own grave, because Nathan was on pins and needles about the clinic perhaps closing its doors if the case goes to trial, and funding for the clinic with a snap of a finger, which annoyed Nathan. Nathan plays a fearful lawyer, whereas Mike plays a risky lawyer; hmm, they both need to be a bit more like Harvey people.

Rachel was a bit surprised that Stanley Gordon was suing the firm, and he needed her to act as a spy to get the details on the conversation over dinner. Mike confronted a schemer, whose actual role in the fiasco was yet to be determined. Scottie poked a bit into Harvey’s personal life realizing that Donna was the reason his relationship with Paula failed. Hmm, exactly where is this going, I’m eager to find out. Stanley threw out the offer of the firm giving former partners their jobs back and per usual Gordon wanted HIS FIRM back.

Mike asked Donna for a $500,000 loan to the clinic, which she refuted and tension sparked between the two. Donna while wise, doesn’t really have the troupe to determine one’s credibility, I mean she’s not a lawyer people. A ton of smoke and mirrors revealed that Gordon may have been working with Robert Zane to undermine the firm, which was indeed a shocking revelation to say the least. When Harvey provided the evidence, Robert discovered he was hoodwinked by his two partners.

Leading into the second episode, Rachel was disheartened to learn that ‘job offer’ was a fluke, but Louis came to the rescue per usual to save Mike’s ass. Louis has a much bigger heart than I’d like to give the somewhat arrogant and rant-fueled partner. I hate the fact that Gina Torres’s character of Jessica Pearson is constantly teased to audiences. Please, please bring this woman back already! Jessica returned asking Harvey for a favor in Chicago to stand by her side as she goes to war to get her law license back. Harvey you owe this woman, she mentored you to the core!

The second episode seemed centered on Jessica and the supposed spin-off series the character is expected to get. Harvey landed in Chicago and learned that he is a far cry from New York City. The juxtaposition wasn’t as smooth as I’d like it to be as a viewer, but after a few minutes I was able to maintain my interest. Where the hell has Alex (Dule Hill) been? Whoever this legal eagle is going after Jessica, never expected Harvey to have all his I’s dotted and all his T’s crossed. It was fun to watch. Jessica played hardball, but it was evident she was out of her element.

Harvey went to work with Lillian Cook to do his best to help Jessica’s case, just as Louis handled biz with Stanley, who puffed his chest per usual, unaware that Louis had an ace up his sleeve, but so did Gordon. Mike was delivered a double whammy regarding lead soil samples were negative, not to mention that that ‘fake job offer’ was actually a real one. Looks like Lillian is Jessica’s aunt, which forced Jessica out of the courtroom, and threw Harvey off his guard. So we get the story, Jessica has personal connections to Chicago, which led to Harvey redirecting his strategy. Harvey is playing very dirty and I like it. Looks like the Pearson family dynamic is more fractured than anyone ever expected.

Mike, Oliver and Rachel discovered a few loopholes in the case, just as Donna requested Mike’s assistance, causing him to make a tough decision. Jessica delivered a sucker punch to Carrie that she never expected. Oh, I love this woman! Jessica found herself in a dangerous predicament, but she didn’t back down, but it was apparent she was frazzled to say the least. Ok, for an episode dedicated to the departure of Mike and Rachel we’re already 1 hour and 40 minutes in, and no wedding has transpired. I’m hoping it’s not a quickie wedding and a lackluster sendoff for two prime characters on a series since the beginning.

Robert was speechless when Mike asked him to join their firm, it was a risk not to say the least, but where this goes if it succeeds is anyone’s guess. Rachel made a risky move involving taking a job offer in Seattle, not to mention moving up their wedding date, and asked Donna to work her magic. Louis was on pins and needles, but Robert made a move that threw Stanley Gordon off his game. Mike got his settlement of $1 million.

Harvey was livid to learn he was off the case, and Jessica made a last Hail Mary to prove she is no pushover and she played very dirty, but she got it done! The final 15 minutes of the season was dedicated to Mike and Rachel’s “I do’s.” The wedding was a moment, and I was fully engaged as the two exchanged their vows, after waiting what seemed like forever. The one sad moment was Harvey learning from Mike that he and Rachel are departing Specter and Litt. He fought to keep his protégé, but it was evident Harvey had groomed one hell of a lawyer. While a fitting finale for two regulars, I do believe the writers shortchanged viewers a bit with Mike and Rachel’s farewell. We did get a tease of Katherine Heigl’s character joining the series for the season eight premiere which arrives in July, until then “Suits” fans!