HELLO AMERICA!—There is one thing that has been established in the entertainment industry: Miley Cyrus might be young and spirited, but she knows how to handle herself with the greatest of ease.

She has dated and nearly got engaged to some of the most successful guys in the country, but never fell under their control. She is a young woman who is proud of her accomplishments and works hard to improve what she lacks. The nation was taken by surprise during the last season of “The Voice,” the reality TV singing competition when she served as one of the coaches. She made her entrance when meeting her first “Voice” candidate, and there was instant camaraderie.

The show received so many positive messages about the way Miley worked with the candidates, the producers were forced to consider her as a regular coach. The viewers liked the way she didn’t miss a beat when working with Blake Shelton who is no slouch when he’s on camera. He seemed very pleased when able to get a few words in without Miley topping whatever he said or suggested with a laugh and continued until the rehearsal segment was over.

When asking Miley why she has made it so obvious that she would love being a part of the hit show, she said: “I just enjoy and love helping people who have talent, especially when the potential is there and it only needs someone to help make them better. And there are some heavy weight singers on that show and they deserve a chance to go forward. A lot of those kids don’t have a famous dad or mom to get the door open, they live on dreams and hope and that’s why shows such as the Voice [are] so necessary and if I can -play a part in opening a door for them, it will be my pleasure.”

Another reason she is so pleased about returning to the show as a coach is because of Alicia Keys who has been added as a regular coach as well. Many people believed the teaming of these two musical giants would possibly end up in a feud like Mariah Carey and Nikki Minaj on “American Idol.” Miley quickly dispelled that notion and made it clear that she likes and respects Keys. “When we first got together it was as though we had known each other for years,” she said. “Alicia is obviously one of the most talented musicians in our business and I feel honored to serve along with her as a coach. I’m looking forward to having a lot of fun as well as girl-talk, if you know what I mean.”

Miley also believes that Adam Levine’s relationship on “The Voice” with Blake has made the show even more human and normal. “Their unscripted banter makes the evening easier to watch and you don’t want to miss the next barb which is suddenly put out there by one of them. I’m really looking forward to next season.”

Cyrus noted that she is receiving film scripts and TV scripts but she is not rushing into anything at this point. “Anything I do from this time on has to be well thought out,” she said. “Success takes clear thinking, no matter what the potential is. That’s one thing I’ve learned from my dad, Billy Ray Cyrus.”