HOLLYWOOD─I would be lying if I didn’t admit I was happy to see another mobster arrive in Port Charles on “General Hospital.” Sonny has been the power player for years, but Cyrus Renault has made his presence known and behind bars he’s a major threat, so imagine his threat-level if he’s not cuffed. Sonny made a move on Cyrus’ warehouse and drugs, and Cyrus retaliated in a major way. He has made it clear to Sonny and his family; he’s watching their every move and is within close reach.

However, its Cyrus’ latest stunt that has everyone in PC worried sick. Cyrus has a score to settle with Marcus Taggert and Jordan Ashford who were responsible for framing evidence on him. Both were forced to spill all the dirt to Curtis, who in case they forgot was a cop and is a private investigator. Curtis was dumbfounded by the result. By the way the audience was delivered a stunner: Taggert is Trina’s father! Well it’s about time we finally meet members of Trina’s family. I mean the character has been on the soap over a year and we had yet to see her mother or father until now.

Cyrus has been targeting Jordan and Taggert’s co-conspirators in the case that landed him in the slammer. Two have already lost their lives, and only two remain, so that should tell you Cyrus is out for blood. He has already made countless attempts on Taggert’s life first attacking him in the alley, and now kidnapping his daughter before pumping him full of bullets. Yes, Taggert is near death, and the blood bath is only beginning as Jason and Sonny have not become entangled in the mayhem even more. However, “GH” delivered a whopper on audiences when just when we thought Taggert would survive his ordeal, he died suddenly.

As soon as Trina’s dad arrives in town, he’s taken out with a snap of a finger. It was a heartbreaking loss for Trina, who has been a fantastic supporting player on the soap for months now America. While Trina and Cameron were spared for the moment being, that does not mean Cyrus is done coming after them.

Jordan has yet to feel the heat, but she has Curtis and TJ to be worried about with a mobster out for blood. There are other pressing issues in Port Charles. The biggest being the fallout of the truth about Wiley being Jonah FINALLY coming to light! I know I was not the only fan singing to the Gods for this reveal.

Michael was stunned, Carly was livid, Willow was heartbroken, Lucas baffled and Brad and Nelle busted red-handed. Nelle tried to flee with Wiley, but was stopped by Chase, Michael and Sonny. She weaved a lie claiming Brad stole her baby while she was unconscious, but with Chase having evidence of her fake passports, I don’t see how she will skate out of this situation. However, I totally can see the writer’s somehow allowing Nelle to go free, and that’s exactly what happened.

With that said, this might be the perfect setup for what I think is a murder mystery involving Nelle Benson finally getting her comeuppance. It would totally be perfect because we’re only a few weeks away from May Sweeps, and I think “GH” needs something big going into sweeps. The only other story that has a big reveal audiences are awaiting to come to light involves Peter August.

Peter has been doing well with covering his tracks, but we all know the truth is certain to be exposed sooner than later. Seeing the pressure get to him, he confided in Anna, who knows her ‘son’ may have done some dastardly deeds and the chickens are about to come home to roost. I will be honest the fallout from this bomb has me eager because lives will be shattered when Peter’s misdeeds come to light and the fallout will be totally worth it. His life was in danger before, but once those in his inner circle discover his ruse all hell will be in play.