HOLLYWOOD—Who would have expected the streets of Port Charles to heat up from behind bars? Not me, but it appears “General Hospital” is setting the stage for a mob war that is sure to have major repercussions for the citizens of PC in the coming weeks.

Things have been quiet for quite some time with Sonny Corinthos behind bars, and Julian Jerome attempting to turn a new life in the name of love. Well that was short-lived. Sonny found himself face-to-face with old nemesis Johnny Zaccharra (Brandon Barash) who has been making major moves from the inside. It appears Johnny is the big baddie on the prison grounds and has plenty doing his bidding for him.

Its appears the Corinthos, Zacchara and Jerome organizations are looking to manifest a deal that will leave control in the hands of an uncontrollable hothead. Johnny has a piece of leverage that changes everything: Ric Lansing. Yep, Johnny is the mastermind behind Ric’s disappearance which has Alexis, Anna and the WSB none too happy. Sonny has never been too fond of his brother, but for his niece Molly, she could be the deciding factor.

It seems like everyone has had their turn in the slammer lately. Between Sonny, Carly, Ava, Franco, Julian and Nina, I’m just guessing who’ll be the next one to land behind bars. Franco and Nina appear aloof to the seriousness of the crimes they have committed by kidnapping a child and going on the run. Now that baby Jamie has been reunited with Morgan and Kiki, the question fans want to know is who the baby’s father is? Wouldn’t it be a game-changer, if it was revealed neither Sonny nor Morgan was the father? Fans wouldn’t see that one coming.

The ‘hope’ that the identity of Fluke would finally be revealed has been teased way too long, and I must admit the frustration. Two Luke’s running loose is one thing, but three Luke’s, that’s just crazy!  We know Faison has jetted out of town with Britt in tow, but the meeting between Helena and Fluke proves to be an interesting one. Whoever is behind the face has to be someone from the past, because who would be willing to team with the Ice Queen if not Faison? Start thinking about it, I’m certain it’s a dozy.

With Helena’s plan in place Jake aka Jason kidnapped Sam and held her hostage to ensure Faison’s escape, but Sam being the super spy she is, starting to realize that Elizabeth’s new friend might not be the guy she thinks he is. Just imagine the look on Sam, Carly and Elizabeth’s face when they discover this stranger is no stranger after all. The big question at the forefront of everyone’s mind is just what the hell is Helena’s master plan for Jason and how does Robin play into the mix.

Will this season by merry in Port Charles or should we expect a few more surprises before 2015 rolls in? “General Hospital” airs weekdays on ABC.