Salvatore Scorza Graphic Designer Genius

Salvatore Scorza and Yogi Berra.

HELLO AMERICA!—Without a doubt, publisher/designer Salvatore Scorza is a proven graphic designer icon in the world of entertainment. His creative works have been featured in national consumer trade magazines and specialized entertainment publications for over 25 years. He clearly expresses his passion for an industry that has allowed him to explore many facets of the art world.

“One has to be dedicated and seriously attached to the idea of entertainment in order to create the color and flavor of a world of impossible dreams for millions of people” he noted.

When discussing his creative responsibility in the industry with high school and university students, he doesn’t hesitate to make clear that the world of graphic design is no different from any other.

“There are people who are, at times, impossible to convince that your ideas are more workable and practical than theirs. This is when you listen and try and understand what a client is attempting to explain. If still unclear, then you should calmly stand your ground as artistic director and try to establish some level of agreement which might result in a positive outcome.”

When Scorza was signed as corporate art director for Billboard publications, it marked the first time an artistic element was injected in the pages of the Wall Street Journal. It also opened the door to a new career, enhancing industry publications with an exciting, fresh graphic approach. “This,” he believes, “was a very wise move. This kind of art approach had been reserved for consumer magazines, album jackets and art galleries.”

His art designs suddenly opened the door to the prestigious Grammy Awards program book. “This was, of course, very exciting.” He smiled, because it established the book as the premier awards show publication in the world of music; creating an image for Grammy benefactors, the National Academy of Recording Arts and & Sciences.

Scorza also served for four years as designer of the Country Music Association program book. “It was my opinion,” he said, “to help give country music an image far beyond the traditional view of country music and Nashville.”

Another one of his career highlights was serving as both publisher and designer of the American Music Awards program book with Dick Clark Productions. For 17 years, he designed the Golden Globe Awards program book; it was taken from a non-revenue publication to generating a million dollars in a three-year timeframe, just three issues.

Salvatore Scorza is indeed a very special member in the entertainment family. His experience and creative, artistic wisdom is still needed on every artistic level of our industry. We are very fortunate to have him still with us, ready and willing in creating fantasy and joy. It is obvious that his career is definitely not a RAP!