HELLO AMERICA!—Since I must confess I have been working in the industry as well as other Creative elements like many others more than 80 years, I feel it is the time I simply just explore with observations that what is happening currently within our creative and artistic group is nothing new. When you instinctively feel the curtains slowly closing, suddenly, one seems to get the urge to let it all hang out. This vocal upheaval concerning women, men and sex is absolutely nothing new. It has always been with us.

Even years before I arrived in Hollywood during the early 1950s, there wasn’t a day that I didn’t encounter some student or teacher subtlety letting me know they would enjoy the idea of a bedroom encounter. This was a constant overture at very exclusive, educational institutions. During my time on the Paul Whiteman TV Teen Club Show in Philadelphia, there wasn’t a rehearsal when I didn’t receive a message from one of the directors to come to his office for a brief meeting concerning the next show. I was 13 years old by the way!

Being a young black boy with dreams, feeling extremely lucky to have the attention of those who might assist me in reaching a level of success, I always thought along with my hard working parents who supported every move I made, anything was possible. I quickly logged many experiences, never divulged to my family, not even my beloved grandmother with whom I shared nearly everything during those years and simply concentrated on the possible accomplishments.

Further, when attending a Quaker college in Richmond, Indiana, it wasn’t any different. There, as well, were professors and students, brilliant students who openly made it known what they wanted from you. One student, threatened suicide if I didn’t get with him in the Dark Room in the Photo Department. He was the son of a very well-known politician on the east coast.  It was like existing on an animal farm, trying desperately to maintain a sensible level of survival.

When I finally landed in La La Land, it was something I could never quickly digest. The palm trees, avocado, orange and even lemon were every place. And when I spotted Maureen O’Hara, I knew I had arrived. Within a few weeks living on the U.S.C. campus, reality hit hard and heavy. After all, many of the students’ parents held powerful positions in the film industry. When taking music, TV, film, and theatre, most of the weeks were dealing with invites to the homes of some of the most famous and powerful residents residing in Beverly Hills and those small communities such as Brentwood and Bel Air.

In my book “Hollywood Through the Back Door,” I reveal how quickly I associated myself with these-called golden people the world adored and idolized. Stars such as Bette Davis, Kate Hepburn, Montgomery Clift, James Dean, Dan Dailey, Charles Laughton, Glenn Ford, Andre Previn, Marlon Brando, and tons more. I also described the first Hollywood party where I was one of the victims having the first experience with LSD being put in a drink given to me and several hours woke up to untie myself from the ceiling of a bedroom, dripping with sticky semen.  That was just the beginning; years that followed I was quickly educated about my new world when working at several of the major studios when studios were signing young hopefuls to contracts. That is when the lots were filled with beautiful young girls and men who would do almost anything to be recognized by a producer, director or any major star with enough power to get them what they wanted.

Many of them had enough talent to handle the riggers to be faced in order to get the notice necessary for studio interest. However, there were many others who believed if they exposed their bodies or made it obvious they were available and get paid for it, they would do almost anything.

All they would have to do is make themselves available whenever a producer or director would have one of their “special” weekend parties. Others, after a year of dance, acting, speech classes, realized their effort was for naught. Eventually, they would leave the studio and decide to go for the money. I found that it was exactly the same dance when I became a director at NBC years later.

It was sex and more sex, everybody knew it and nothing was said or done about it. This is why I’m not getting out of shape with all the so-called shocking expose sex revelations in Washington D.C. Politics is really no different from any other business. If you’re young, attractive, there will always be those looking for you to pacify a sexual need they can’t get it anywhere else unless they pay for it.