UNITED STATES—On September 28, the world witnessed a rare lunar event. Not since 1982 has a lunar eclipse occurred simultaneously with what is commonly referred to as a “supermoon.” What makes this event noticeable is the blood red hue cast upon a moon that appears significantly larger than your average run-of-the-mill moon. The color is attributed to the Earth blocking the Sun’s rays from reaching the moon completely. Only a portion of the scattered light reaches the moon, which creates a reddish colored moon some refer to as a blood moon. The suggested size increase, or supermoon condition, is attributed to the fact that at certain points during its orbit, the moon is appreciably closer to the Earth. It is when both of the aforementioned conditions occur together that we realize something we can call for the sake of this article, a super blood moon. According to experts, this event will not occur again until 2033. So, to make this moment a truly memorable one, here is a list of cars whose names were inspired by lunar-related events:

Mitsubishi Eclipse

Gen. 2 Eclipse
Gen. 2 Eclipse, photo courtesy of Universal Pictures

Representing the import tuner interests is Mitsubishi’s Eclipse. Produced over a span of roughly 22 years (1989-2011) the Eclipse was actually named after a successful 18th century racehorse. The second generation of this popular sports compact (produced from 1995-1999) is arguably the most desirable among enthusiasts and is easily the most recognizable thanks to the neon green second gen. Eclipse featured in the blockbuster film, “The Fast and the Furious.”

Black Moon

The Black Moon
The Black Moon from Black Moon Rising, photo courtesy of Film Connoisseur

When a car performs a successful jump from one skyscraper to another, people stand up and take notice. OK, so this jump was merely a glass-shattering stunt captured on film for a movie, performed by a car that was nothing more than a concept that was never realistically going to make it to the production line. But, it was exiting nonetheless. Based on a pet project conceived by a couple of Canadian car designers back in 1980, the Black Moon could travel at a “scripted” speed of 300 miles per hour. If you haven’t seen the classic 1980s flick “Black Moon Rising,” you are missing out on quite a thrill ride.

Plymouth Satellite

'71 Plymouth Satellite
’71 Plymouth Satellite, photo courtesy of Corvette Forum

It is quite likely that only hard-core classic American muscle car fanatics will remember the Plymouth Satellite. More of a trim line rather than a distinct model, the Satellite reached its pinnacle of development when in 1971, it received its first unique “fuselage” styling, which distinguished the 2-door coupe/convertible from its 4-door sibling. The B-52s mention the Plymouth Satellite in one of their few hit songs, but probably only because they needed a car name that rhymed with light.

Gumpert Apollo

Gumpert Apollo
Gumpert Apollo, photo courtesy of Car Type

When a car can claim to outperform many Italian exotics, from Ferraris to Maseratis, you’d think you would have heard of it. Well, not, possibly, when it is made by a small German builder named Gumpert. Yes, Gump-ert, as in Forrest Gump. Hardly a name that denotes sex appeal. But then again, Forrest Gump was always meant to be the underdog that surprised the world. Will the Gumpert Apollo follow suit? That remains to be seen. At an exotic car price ranging from $550-800K, the Apollo’s country bumpkin image will likely be difficult for those who can even dream of affording one to reconcile. The unfortunate irony here is that this vehicle’s name was supposed to make people think of heroic space shuttle missions to the moon. It was supposed to be Aldrin & Armstrong at the helm, not Bubba & Gump.

As stated above, the lunar event upon which this list is based will not occur again for another 18 years. So, take a good look at these cars. You will probably not hear about them again for a long, long while. Please let us know if there are any lunar-themed cars we forgot about. If you’d like to add to this list, please do so in the comments section below.