SAN FRANCISCO—The home that appears in the comedy “Mrs. Doubtfire” has been sold for over $4 million.

The 1993 movie, starring Robin Williams, revolved around a father who pretends to be a female nanny to be close with his children. Williams won a Golden Globe in 1994 for his role in the movie.

The four bedroom victorian-style home located at 2640 Steiner Street in San Francisco nearby Alta Plaza Park in Pacific Heights, was bought for $1.395 million by the previous owner Dr. Douglas Ousterhout in 1997. The home was listed for $4.45 million and sold for $4.15 million.

In 2015, the home was set on fire by a former patient of Ousterhout, who is a plastic surgeon. The fire damaged the front door and base of the garage. Tyqwon Eugenen Welch, pleaded guilty to the charge. According to reports, Welch intentionally placed her former doctor in danger by starting the fire with gasoline, knowing that Ousterhout was inside.

The new owner of the house has not yet been identified.