SAN FRANCISCO—A report from KGO found multiple puppies were hospitalized after ingesting marijuana, opioids and meth found at Lafayette Park. The puppies have all recovered from their incidents. 

One incident included a maltipoo named Oliver, who inadvertently consumed a slew of drugs, including methadone and amphetamines, while walking at the park and had to be taken to an ER veterinarian only hours later.

“When I got the call three hours later that they found amphetamines and methadone (methamphetamines), I went ‘oh my god is he going to die?’ It was really scary. He made it through though. He did,” said Owner Camille Perez to KGO. 

Another dog named Georgia was sickened by an edible given to her by a stranger at the park. Later that day Georgia was forced to be put on an IV.

“I do know that someone I’m not familiar with gave her a treat. This was noon. By 3 or 4, she was completely almost catatonic,” said Doug Mandell, Georgia’s owner. 

A miniature Pinscher puppy, named Max, was hospitalized after consuming meth that was left outside the Cow Hollow library near the park. According to his owners, he contracted aspiration pneumonia from the intubation the puppy was put under after ingesting the meth. 

Deb Campbell, a representative for San Francisco Animal Care and Control, told SFGATE that owners should practice “leave it” commands with their dogs whenever they have something unknown in their mouths. If they do ingest something, taking them to the vets immediately is the best solution if they begin to show worrying symptoms.