Mummified Corpse Found In Richmond Home


SAN FRANCISCO—When San Francisco firefighters broke into the home of a known hoarder in the city’s Inner Richmond neighborhood, the building was stuffed with so much trash they were forced to wear oxygen masks before walking through the premises.

The Mummified corpse of a woman believed to be the mother of the resident of this house was discovered Saturday.

After the 65-year-old occupant of the home informed a tax consultant that she was housing a human corpse, the consultant reported the revelation to police. The report launched a mass excavation of the Inner Richmond house, a clean-up effort that took days to complete.

On Saturday, April 4, sifting through rooms in which trash was nearly piled to the ceiling, city workers made the discovery of a mummified corpse that law enforcement believes to be the mother of the resident, a 90-year-old woman that has been dead for five years.

The medical examiner’s office is now conducting an investigation of the mummified body, one that will confirm the prelim art identification by law enforcement as well as determine how and when she died.

The resident herself, who neighbors have characterized as “delusional,” has since been transported to a local hospital for psychological evaluation.