SAN FRANCISCO—A man who was arrested for shooting two passengers on a muni bus on Wednesday, June 22, killing one and injuring another, could have his charges reduced. His lawyer announced on Monday, June 28, that his client acted in self-defense.

Javon Green, 26, is no longer being charged with homicide, but still face charges surrounding the possession of a loaded concealed weapon in public. The gun charges he currently face are both felonies, but could be reduced to misdemeanors. According to Green’s lawyer, Rand Knox, Green is a security guard and carried a weapon for protection since he had been shot twice before. 

According to reports, on the day of the fatal shooting, Nesta Bowen, 27, was “mumbling aggressive things,” to Green. Green got up and left Bowen. Bowen pulled a knife out of his pocket once Green tried to leave attempting to stab him in the face which prompted Green to use his gun, according to his attorney. There was video obtained by the San Francisco Chronicle that shows Bowen aiming to hit Green in the face with what appears to be a knife. 

Bowen was shot and died at the scene shortly after the incident. The second victim was a 70 year-old man who was treated for his non-life threatening injuries. According to Knox, his client apologized to the other individual and the rest of the passengers after the shots were fired.