HELLO AMERICA!—Like millions of others, I am sitting at my computer attempting to make a connection with all of those who depend on many of us for news and breaking stories that make up our day with a level of satisfaction. Looking out of the living room window, the street once sighted with tons of people passing by is nowhere in sight. However, I must admit how lucky I am because I still have music as an important part of my life in every way.

When bathing I turn on music, especially classical; if I am taking a chance to rush to the corner market, earphones exploding with some aspect of classical music make it feel as if I am on a magic carpet of sound.  The reason I am alluding to this is that I have been receiving some beautiful messages concerning the symphony, “Flight of Columbia 7” and “Dances of Remembrance,” I composed several years ago. While growing up in a small town of Morton, 10 miles outside of Philadelphia, I was exposed to all of the fantastic music of the word, including classical singers such as Marian Anderson, Mary Martin, Paul Robeson, Art Tatum, Philadelphia Orchestra, Rise Stevens and so many others. Even at 12 years old, every free time at home, I was found resting on a huge pillow on the floor in front of our huge radio that exploding the air with the most magical sounds never to be forgotten.

I was so captivated by the sound of the violin, viola, flute, cello, tuba, and the bass violin, my record collection was a magical library of musical sounds. An eleventh grader from Springfield High School, a well-known school in Pennsylvania noted his expression passion for renaissance music. I can easily relate to this because I remember spending hours in my high school music room for hours until the janitor insisted I go home. That era, of music, came with more freedom, which is kind of like modern melodies or harmonies.

The use of a scale or key is introduced in the second half of the 16th century, and this is where we first start to affiliate with the term classical music. The next era is known as the Baroque time and this is where we see Johann Sebastian Bach come into the picture with minor modes. The genre continues to grow and morph through a few more forms known as Classical, Early Romantic, Romantic, and Post ‘Great War’ Years. This leads to today with the more modern and revolutionary music with more advancements in technology. This art form morphed over hundreds of years and it is still thriving today.

Music is a way of life for some people and others it is a way to connect to many different times in their life. Without music, life would be boring, movies would be annoying to watch, and car rides would get extremely awkward. Music is that crazy aunt that brings life to the party. Just like every living thing music had its beginnings and that is the lovely genre of classical music. Without classical music there would be no dubstep, pop, rap, rock, or any other modern type of music. People always give classical the bad rep of boring or annoying, yet without it, the world would be a cold and boing place itself.

One reader from “College of Marin” asked why am I so obsessed with music, and I simply replied that with music I am never lonely. Simple as that!