HOLLYWOOD─I really have never been a fan of reality TV when it comes to documentary style shows, but if there was ever a series that nabbed my attention and did not let got it was the TLC series “Little People, Big World.” A lot has changed on this series since it first premiered back in 2006. Wow, its hard to believe this series has been on for more than 14 years. When it first premiered it felt like an opportunity for Americans to learn about little people, and how they operate and navigate in the world.

So many people have preconceived notions about what they think they know, but they truly don’t know until they know people, which is what I enjoyed so much about this series; it was not just entertaining, but it truly educated the audience on the plight and some of the difficulties that little people endure, but we got to see things from a perspective of the family dynamic.

The dynamics of the show has completely changed since the premiere, Jacob, Matt and Amy’s youngest son has not been on the series in years, same for their daughter Molly, who has made rare appearances on the show. Jeremy and Zach, the oldest of the bunch and fraternal twins, were staples on the show. However, last season Jeremy and his wife, Audrey, announced that last season was there last. So with this latest season it’s Tori, Zach, Matt and Amy as our primary players.

This premiere episode was loaded with tension people. Matt and Amy have been divorced for quite some time, but still living together on the farm. Well, last season Amy decided to accept a buyout and move away from the property. The conflict between Amy and Matt about the farm was just so evident. It felt like these two did not want to be in the presence of one another, yet on the same farm. It’s quite sad for fans of the show who have watched from the start because we all thought Matt and Amy Roloff was forever. Matt is with Caryn and Amy is happy with Chris.

Good news was delivered as it was revealed that Zach and Tori are expecting their second child, a girl this time. I’m so happy for those two because they are so cute together. Amy was definitely looking forward to moving off the farm as she kicked off her house hunting search. It was really touching watching Matt build an airplane for his grandson, who is also a little person.

The house hunting aspect for Amy really connected with me as a viewer because it’s something most adults encounter when they are searching for a house. We all want that perfect house, but the notion of finding the perfect house is something that never transpires. It was a bummer that Amy didn’t get her hands on that house she wanted, but that happens with a house: you never know what someone is bidding on the same property that you’ve been eyeing.

I am indeed looking forward to seeing how the rest of the season plays out, especially after Chris dropped that bomb that he is planning to propose to Amy during their anniversary. All new episodes of “Little People, Big World” airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on TLC.