HOLLYWOOD—Who would have known that the Nurses Ball in 2020 would produce some of the most riveting story telling for “General Hospital” in quite some time? I mean I didn’t even think we were going to see the big event this year, with the song and dance numbers. We got the song and dance numbers, but on a solo scale, which was fine by me.

With that said, where do we start? It looks like Nelle Benson is about to finally get her comeuppance “GH” fans and I am all for it. Nelle has done devious things in the past and gotten away with them at each turn, well the writing was on the wall this week. First, her conversation with Julian to kidnap Wiley was thwarted courtesy of Brooke Lynn who confronted her nemesis that led to a scuffle. Nelle ultimately got the last laugh when she slashed Brooke Lynn’s throat who was on deaths’ door. Cue the reconciliation between Ned and his daughter, who have been at odds ever since she turned her back on ELQ and allowed Valentin to become the new CEO of the company.

I was quite entertained watching that fight between the two women, but kept tasking myself repeatedly why in the world did Brooke Lynn not pick up the phone and contact the authorities as soon as she heard that conversation? Like, think about it you’re placing yourself in a situation where your life is hanging in the balance with a sociopath.  After taking out Brooke Lynn, Nelle headed to the docks to meet Julian who successfully abducted Wiley from the Quartermaine mansion.

Julian has been in a pickle, ever since Nelle overheard that conversation that he was responsible for causing the car crash that nearly killed Brad and Lucas and was well aware that Wiley was Michael’s son for months and said nothing. He planned to take out Nelle on the pier, but Taggert, yes that is what you heard me say, intervene. He thought he could overtake Julian, but discovered the wrong way. Trust me we’ll talk more about Taggert later.

Julian was on pins and needles when Sonny confronted him about Wiley’s whereabouts, just as Nelle thought she was Scott free, but an Amber Alert saw her get pulled over by the authorities. Nina was in remorse mode not realizing how dangerous Nelle truly was, as Carly, Michael and Willow worried about Wiley’s safety. Speaking of Nina, Valentin’s attempts to regain her trust fell on deaf ears. I think he’s really starting to realize that he has lost Nina once and for all after his debacle in his attempts to give her a fake daughter ala Sasha.

Back to Taggert, we learned last week that he faked his death thanks to Epiphany and Jordan in his mission to bring down Cyrus. Here’s the problem with that, too many people now know he is alive. Julian, Nelle, Epiphany, Jordan all know he is alive, as well as Jason Morgan who stumbled upon his frenemy on the pier people. Cyrus might really amplify his threat level if he discovers the guy he thought he killed is very much alive and out for blood. Making matters worse is the fact that Sonny knows Taggert is also alive.

With that said, we turn to the chaos involving Ava and Nikolas. Goddammit, I wish sometimes Lulu Spencer would just shut the hell up. This girl chats so much and puts EVERYONE’S business out there, but beware if you disclose her details America, there will be hell to pay. She inadvertently spilled to Ava that Nikolas and Spencer were guilt tripping her to divorce Nikolas so he could maintain the Cassadine fortune. Too bad Ava caught onto the ruse and has aimed to make Nikolas’ life miserable.

There appears to be a bit of sexual tension between Nikolas and Ava who almost gave into passion. However, it is evident that Nikolas has his eyes on Elizabeth. I mean she almost gave into that kiss that Nikolas was moving in on. She darted in a nic of time, as it feels like the writers might be pushing towards an Ava and Franco reunion, as well as a Nikolas and Elizabeth. I’m liking this shakeup America because the Franco and Liz pairing I was just not a huge fan of from the get go, so to see Liz toss her happily ever-after for Nikolas who blew up her marriage to Lucky years ago.

Nelle was so certain that she escaped Scott-free, but that jogger recognized her and alerted authorities (meaning Chase) is on her trail. Before the week culminated, the vixen found herself corned and all her cards tumbling down especially after Brook Lynn pointed the finger at Nelle as her attacker. Attempted murder, kidnapping, good luck on getting out of these charges Nelle, it will not happen. This has been a thrill of a week on “General Hospital,” so hopefully things only get better next week.