SAN FRANCISCO—The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission announced on February 11 of its plans to install 12 new drink tap stations to communities throughout the San Francisco community.

The SFPUC’s Drink Tap program is centered on providing fresh, clean, and free drinking water to the city’s neighborhoods. Specifically, the commission seeks to bring drinking stations to communities “that do not have readily available access to fresh drinking water.” The new installations directly address this mission.

On February 23, the San Francisco Water Power Sewer officially announced that the new stations have been installed.

The Bayview, Tenderloin, and Mission District neighborhoods are the sites of the 12 stations, which have been built in the following locations:


  • St. Anthony’s (150 Golden Gate Avenue)
  • Glide Memorial (302 Ellis Street)
  • 730 Polk Street


  • Mendell Plaza (3rd Street and Palou Avenue)
  • Hilltop Park (La Salle and Whitney Young Circle)
  • Youngblood Coleman Playground (Mendell Street and Fairfax Avenue)
  • Earl’s Organic (2102 Jerold Avenue)
  • Ingerson Avenue and Ingalls Street

Mission District

  • 1850 Mission Street
  • 201 Alabama Street
  • 2783 Mission Street
  • 3001 19th Street

The Drink Tap program began in 2010. Along with accessibility to clean water, the refill stations are also intended to cut down on the city’s use of plastic materials, relying on natural resources instead.

Residents are allowed to use their reusable water bottles or other containers to receive high-quality tap water while on the go.

Both the Recreation and Parks Department and the San Francisco Unified School District have helped expand the Drink Tap program, as schools, parks, and open spaces throughout the city have begun installing SFPUC’s refill stations.