UNITED STATES−Governor Gavin Newsom announced on April 7, on the Rachel Maddow Show a  $1 billion deal to purchase 200 million masks on a monthly basis. He stated that the masks “will be made overseas,” but sourced through California indicating that the masks were, “made in Asia.”

California signs deal for 200 million masks per month

NEWS: Gov. Gavin Newsom: California has inked deal for 200 million masks (150 million N95, 50 million surgical) per month, enough to meet state's needs and potentially export to other states

Posted by The Rachel Maddow Show on Tuesday, April 7, 2020


“As a nation-state with the capacity to write a check for, hundreds of millions, no billions of dollars, we’re in a position to do something bold and big,” said Newsom during a press conference. No specific details where masks would come from was disclosed.

Senator Brian Jones of California’s 38th District shared an article on Facebook where he slammed Governor Newsom stating: “The public should not have to hear about a $1 billion no-bid contract for masks from the company, Build Your Dreams, on the Rachel Maddow show.”

According to illinoispolicy.org, the state spent $17 million to purchase the Chinese made KN95 masks that the Center for Disease Control (CDC) which were suitable alternatives to the N95 masks. Missouri’s Health Department tested the KN95 mask and found they do not meet today’s standards, and over 48,000 masks were recalled.

Illinois Governor, J.B. Pritzker reportedly set up flights to and from China to secretly purchase $174 million in medical supplies in response to the COVID-19 outbreak.
The Chicago Sun-Times reported that the state of Illinois sent two payments of $888,275 via Fed-Ex to charter a plane to carry Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) from Shanghai, China. According to reports, the supplies were low quality or “substandard.”

Senator Holly Mitchell, Senate Budget Committee Chairwoman from California’s 30th Senate District purchased 7,500 masks from a reliable source for childcare workers in Los Angeles County. Mitchell is one of the lawmakers looking into Governor Newsom’s sizable mask purchase.