HOLLYWOOD─Last week’s Tribal Council on “Survivor: Winners At War” finally delivered the theatrics fans were looking for. How so? Idols and advantages were played and if, only if Kim had played her idol on Tyson and Michele did not flip her vote it would have been one of the biggest and boldest blindsides since ‘David v. Goliath.’ It didn’t happen, but more chaos erupted in this week’s episode as the Edge of Extinction came into play yet again.

Ben is such an idiot when it comes to gameplay. You were a player on ‘Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers,’ but not with players of this caliber. Jeremy knows he’s in major trouble, as it was apparent to Kim, Denise and Michele that they are indeed on the bottom. Tony was ready to start idol hunting because he wanted to limit the target on his back, so he started hunting while everyone was sleep. While Tony was hunting, Nick got up and started looking as well, and Tony created a diversion and got his hands on an idol.

This contrasting edit between Sarah and Tony was interesting. Tony was trying to sell a story to Jeremy, but come on, we know these players are veterans, they’re NOT STUPID. You’re talking about Kim Spradlin, Tony. Jeremy how can you believe it; thankfully, Kim and Denise could smell the smoke, and little does Tony know his name is on the radar. Back on the Edge of Extinction, it became apparent to Tyson and Wendell that Adam would have a hard time surviving. Natalie and Parvati discovered a wine bottle with a note that holds some sort of power. The clue was quite illuminating to say the least people.

They discovered the clue was under the bed at the shelter on the camp. I’m dying to know what is hidden at camp people. Natalie found the Extortion Advantage. Wow, this is a crazy advantage that can allow players out the game to hurt the game of people still in the game. The ladies had their sights set on the most chaotic player of all: Tony Vlachos. They can charge whatever amount they want, otherwise the person cannot play in the immunity challenge and they cannot vote during Tribal Council.

Now, I finally see why the fire tokens are so important people, they can help you navigate around countless twists people. Tony ran off after he found something in his bag, he soon discovered it was not good news, it was bad news. Oh the level of egg on Tony’s face people, thinking he’s getting an advantage, but it’s a disadvantage and he has to obtain not 1, not 2, but 6 fire tokens.

He only has 3, so where is he going to get the other three tokens from. I will admit if Tony weasel’s his way out of this, he deserves to win this game. Michele has zilch because she spent hers, and she had to come up with a ruse that was not believable at all (you admitted going to Edge of Extinction, why would you say that). It was smart for Michelle to obtain that paperwork from Tony. Jeremy you’re playing stupid trusting Tony, and Nick was willing to get a token from both Ben and Nick.

Time for another immunity challenge all about balance and endurance, where two fire tokens were up for grabs yet again, and I had to think: Sophie has been invisible the first half of this episode America. Denise, Michele, Kim, Sarah, Sophie, Nick were out, with Jeremy, Tony and Ben fighting to survive and Tony winning his second consecutive immunity idol and two more fire tokens.

So it raises the question, will Tony return those fire tokens that he borrowed, cause it looks like he still has Jeremy in his sights people. Kim now sees Jeremy as a target, but Kim realized she cannot save Jeremy who is being played by Tony. Kim decided to play double agent to target Michele and Jeremy and Sophie was concerned about a possible idol. So who is the double agent Kim or Denise, because they both look like they want to blindside their ally.

Jeremy liked Ben at the start, but not anymore, hmm this is a big ruse, and feels chaotic as hell people. Tony wanted to erupt more chaos and he wanted to target Sophie to prevent her from getting to close to Sarah. Tony threw out his plan to Nick who bought it, and Jeremy was alarmed that his allies were not on his side. Man, Tony is playing smart as hell, and absolutely deserves the win at this point if he gets to the end. Getting people to pay your debt, winning immunity, finding an idol, setting up a blindside? Can you ask for anymore from a player people?!

Tribal Council raised questions that advantages are in the game and it can change everything if you’re not careful. The game of charade taking place at this TC was epic, finally we get to see Jeff pose questions and get some knowledge from it. Jeremy made it clear he knew he was in trouble, and Ben alluded to the same thing, as well as Michele and Sophie people.

It looks like a blindside is definitely about to happen, and the smirk on Tony’s face seems to say it all people. Oh, I’m dying for this people because we have yet to see a blindside of this magnitude. Sandra going home was great, but the writing was slightly on the wall when she gave that idol away. Here, the person is not going to see it coming. So Jeremy and Michele look like targets, and then it switches to Sophie people, with Ben, Sarah, Denise and Kim all getting blindsided, and Sophie leaving with an idol in her pocket.

Tony could not contain his laughter, but Sarah did not look happy at all because of her ally’s stunt. Just as Sophie gave a fire token to Sarah and Kim, oh, the game of “Survivor” has just turned on its head once again and I like it and chaotic Tony is back people and it’s great to see it. Until next week “Survivor” fanatics!