UNITED STATES—If you were to utter the words to someone that you do not watch the Super Bowl, you might get the response that you’ve committed a cardinal sin. However, some people need to understand everyone isn’t in love with sports as they are. Sports can be entertaining, but a lot of the time, the hype doesn’t always live up to the expectation. There is a major portion of America, who DID NOT watch the big game on Sunday; I was one of those individuals.

So you might be asking what was one of my biggest reasons for not watching the game? Well, I’m not the biggest fan of the New England Patriots. I respect great game when I see it, but seeing the Patriots in 3 of the last 4 Super Bowl games just doesn’t scream excitement to me. I feel that is a direct result of how teams are matched up in the NFL. We need a lot more shakeup if you ask me. Some people watch the game for the commercials, but nowadays you don’t have to do that anymore. Why?

Heck, most of the commercials are leaked days before the big game or the day of the big game. If you have the internet, you can take about 30 minutes and watch all those commercials that everyone will be talking about the next day if they’re worth even talking about. The question I got asked most was what the plan for the day was? How about a bit of cleaning up around the house? I shredded nearly 3 years of old documents that I unfortunately allowed to pile up. Was it time consuming? Without a doubt! However, I got so much clutter, de-cluttered and I felt so good about it to say the least.

Another great thing about not watching the game is I did not have to worry about hosting a party or having to prepare a dish to take to a party. No unnecessary cooking America that makes me a very happy camper to say the least. I found myself watching two iconic classics on Turner Classic Movies. I watched the epic Steve McQueen action-flick “Bullitt.” Man, I just love this movie! The action, the nostalgia and that chase scene, it has to be one of the greatest ever edited in cinematic history people.

I also watched for the second time in my lifetime the thriller “Wait Until Dark” starring Audrey Hepburn. Hepburn is a fantastic actress and what she does with this character is just amazing. I mean that climatic moment where Susy realizes Roat (who she stabbed) is not dead is just spine-tingling America. I rather spend 4-5 hours watching memorable cinema, then sitting on the couch and watching a football game where it was no secret that the Patriots would win as soon as they scored that first field goal.

I mean if you hit any retailer, whose doors were open Sunday you were likely able to shop in pure delight. Unless you were at the grocery store or ordering takeout at a restaurant; it’s a strong likelihood those places were busy from the start of business until the Super Bowl came to an end. I feel for the pizza delivery companies because business was likely nonstop most of the day, but busy is good because it means money people.

The biggest argument I want to make is simple: don’t assume everyone indulges in the Super Bowl just because it’s an unwritten rule. Till this day I’ve always wondered why football gets the gold star, while baseball, hockey, basketball are not considered top tier when it comes to a championship game? Why hasn’t anyone ever asked that question?