UNITED STATES—When the notion of streaming first started to gain steam, I want to say perhaps six or seven years ago, I thought it might be a fluke, but that is NOT the case. Streaming is the new norm, if you’re not streaming than what the hell are you doing? The problem is that every streaming service is completely different. It used to be dominated by Netflix and Amazon Prime when ‘streaming’ first came to light, but NOW you have so many streaming services it is near impossible to keep track of all of them.

You have MAX, Paramount +, Disney +, MGM+, Peacock, Starz, AMC+, Tubi, Pluto, Fubo, YouTube, the list goes on and on. What is the problem? Each streaming service is charging higher rates by the minute. I get so sick and tired of hearing this inflation excuse that is just that, a reason for companies to charge the consumer more and more for a service and not delivering anything else in the process.

MAX, which was previously HBO Max, hasn’t changed its rates that much, if anything it has gone up $1. Whereas I find Paramount + quite affordable with the bevy of content for $5.99 per month, so that is a streamer I am happy to have and pay that fee for. However, Disney +, Netflix and Amazon are just greedy. Yes, Disney + has a lot of content, but is it worth paying the continuing skyrocketing costs? Not for me. Netflix is just too much content at times, and I don’t like this crackdown on sharing. I’m already paying you a monthly fee. If I choose to share my details with others for them to use, so be it, you’re still getting paid each month.

Also, Netflix has lost the lure it once had with that exclusive content. They don’t have the library of cinema that the other streamers, particularly the movie studios like Warner Bros., Paramount, and Universal Pictures have with their streaming service which makes a lot of people giddy. You want a streaming service that provides you with a ton of content to watch. You want to receive the biggest bang for your buck and if you’re not getting that then precisely what are you paying for.

Amazon Prime is the worst when it comes to content. They just don’t have anything that is worth watching or unique enough for me to be spending the amount of money for that streaming service. That is the problem, you better have an epic amount of content to justify for me spending $10 plus dollars per month or something I can’t get anywhere else. Anything less is just unacceptable for me, and I will not apologize for that.

Yes, streaming has taken over with more and more people cutting the Cable cord because why keep spending all this money to have Cable if you’re barely watching it. Also, with the streaming channels taking control over so much content, you don’t need the premium channels with your Cable package. You can simply pay the streamer for their service each month and watch what you choose at a much lower rate. I’m sorry, but the Cable companies are finally getting a taste of what happens when you’re greedy, people start to look elsewhere and that is precisely what has unfolded across the nation.

However, we have not talked about those free streaming services that exist like Tubi, which was recently reported as rising above many of the streaming services out there. That is indeed scary because Tubi has a lot of content, and the fact that all you need is the internet to watch is a plus. Why pay for a bunch of streaming services when you have one like Tubi with plenty of content at your fingertips. Now am I using Tubi? Not quite, but it might be time for me to start thinking about it.

Think about this people, you could probably pay $50 a month to have a vast majority of the streaming services that you regularly watch. Cable for most is over $200 that is a massive savings, why wouldn’t you want to utilize that money you save for other things? Trust me I would enjoy that, so why not you. Perhaps we could see more streaming services offer bigger discounts or even point towards free. Free, I love that, don’t you!?

Written By Jason Jones