HOLLYWOOD—I was praying for the moment to arrive where Carly Corinthos would finally realize that all the sightings, notes and strange sounds she had been encountering for weeks were not all in her head. “General Hospital” fans like myself have been screaming at the TV scream for Carly to look at her nemesis Nelle Carter. Well, at long last Carly put all the pieces together to realize that it was Nelle toying with her mind causing her to think she was going crazy. Nelle was planning something massive at her baby shower, and as a viewer it was cruel to the core; I’ve never liked the character, and I thought her previous storyline to destroy Carly’s life was terrible.

However, this latest storyline has been delicious fun to watch. Why? It really shows how villainous Nelle truly is and to see Chloe Lanier and Laura Wright go at it is a ton of fun to watch. After losing it on Nelle over that blanket reminding her of Morgan, Carly decided to apologize to her enemy after being railroaded by her daughter Josslyn. Jeez, if only Josslyn could open her eyes. Well, she should be cautious because this love affair she has with Nelle will be long over once she realizes what this woman has done to her mother.

I respect Carly’s attempt to call a truce, but it was only reignited when Carly connected the puzzle, and Nelle didn’t actually deny it; in fact, she touted in an odd way her implication in the matter. With the guests downstairs, Carly confronted Nelle by the staircase. Jeez, don’t people in the soap arena know a staircase is always a dangerous place; especially when someone is pregnant! Carly reached for that blanket, Nelle refused to let go and she tumbled down the stairs. Could she lose the baby? Doubtful, but it looks like Nelle might get her wish to rid Carly from her life (at least for now) because she was arrested.

You know the writers must have something big planned for Nelle in the coming future. Why? Well, she is blackmailing Ava Jerome. I’ve already touted that Ava is the one woman you don’t want to cross because once you become her enemy you never ever become her ally. Nelle blackmailed Ava regarding those DNA results she poked at from Griffin’s file. I guess it’s a good thing Ava and Nelle have no idea those results are directly connected to Peter August aka Henrik.

Ava doesn’t like Carly, but if she learns that Nelle is using Morgan’s memory (a person she played a role in killing), this will not bode well for this ingénue. Ava doesn’t like to be pushed in a corner and if Nelle tries to use that information to fracture Ava’s relationship with Griffin (which is already on the rocks), all hell is going to break lose. Yet, Ava has me concerned because I’m almost certain she stole that blanket Nelle had as a way to protect her pal.

Carly found herself in a world of torture with both Michael and Josslyn furious with her antics, not to mention Monica. Oh, and Nelle just has the world thinking Carly pushed her down the stairs, which is so untrue, but perhaps this is a sign to Nelle; you nearly lost your baby and if you keep up this charade you actually will a lot more if you’re not careful. Sonny is certainly worried about his wife, but the truth is he should support his wife, similar to how Jason is certain Carly isn’t losing it, but with his focus on Henrik, he really can’t peg Nelle as the vixen that Carly knows her to be.

Speaking of Peter, Anna has NO IDEA she is actually conversing with her long lost son, who seems hell-bent on a bit of vengeance. The Nurses Ball which has become an annual tradition on “General Hospital” was the catalyst for the biggest bombshell reveals so far this May sweeps: the truth about Anna and Henrik! It’s always frustrating as a viewer to know a secret that the characters have no idea about. Why? You eagerly want them to know so the narrative can move forward. There is still that little issue involving Robert Scorpio who is being held captive against his will courtesy of Valentin and Henrik. It was very interesting watching Peter interact with his sister Robin at the Nurses Ball. Robin has always been the only child, so can you imagine her reaction when she has a brother, one that she has met several times, but had no idea?

Well, after weeks of delay viewers were clued in on a major reveal involving the Henrik and Anna linkage. The Nurses Ball is known for its musical numbers and hilarious moments, but are any of us really watching for that? Of course not, we want drama and epic dram which “General Hospital” is certain to deliver as May sweeps coming to a shocking end.