HOLLYWOOD—Well, the mob is back in a big way on the ABC soap “General Hospital.” Just when you suspect someone from the past is very much dead, they return to the flesh. Yep, this week that woman in red who has been stalking and making Julian Jerome’s life a living hell has been revealed. By this point, I think most viewers know who the culprit is, but in case you’ve been in the dark, it’s none other than Olivia Jerome. Julian’s sister who he shot dead back in the 90s.

I’ve heard of sibling rivalry, but what do you do when a sibling tried to kill you. You have to settle the score, and it looks like Olivia could care less if she takes down Julian, Ava, Sam and anyone connected to Julian. Man, I cannot wait to see the moment that Ava and Olivia come face-to-face. I mean Ava is wicked, but I have a feeling that Olivia is downright brutal.

I mean Ava never tried to kill Julian, so imagine what transpires, if Ava attempts to interrupt Olivia’s plans for her brother. It won’t be long before Ava discovers who has been pulling the strings in town, because Julian came face-to-face this week with the mystery foe and to say he was shocked was a true understatement.

I will acknowledge it’s nice to see a new villain in Port Charles; every soap opera needs a villain who can be an equal adversary to the protagonists of the town. I mean Helena has been long gone and it looks like her return is very unlikely people. So Olivia just adds to the chaos that has been delivered by Valentin Cassadine. In addition, she’s giving great material to the characters of Curtis and Jason who were once enemies, but have now become buddies to say the least. Sam and Jason should be careful, because while Sam is blood and that matters not much to Olivia.

Going back to Valentin, he has been up to plenty of shady dealings and this week, all the madness exploded at the wedding for Maxie and Nathan. Yes, this is a wedding that has been in the works for a VERY LONG time. After all that waiting, it was the wedding of the century, but for reasons one could never imagine. By now, everyone is fully aware that Valentin and Nina have tied the knot, looks like Valentine is no dummy when it comes to gaining all the leverage in his custody battle to ensure little Charlotte stays with him.

I don’t think he expected Griffin to get into a scuffle with him at the wedding, not to mention little Charlotte learning what Valentin has been up to and her former mommy Claudette has passed. Well, all is not as it appears. Just as Nathan and Maxie basked in the celebration of becoming husband and wife, Claudette returned from the dead to expose ALL of Valentin’s dirty misdeeds. Making the situation worse, is Maxie and Nathan can’t really be deemed married because Claudette isn’t dead! So much for the happily ever after because NO wedding every goes off without a hitch in the soap arena people, never.

With February sweeps within weeks away, I suspect that viewers could be saying farewell to a member of the Jerome clan, I mean Julian and Ava have committed some devious misdeeds that they should be held accountable, and what better person to make them pay for their crimes than a sibling they expected to be long gone. By the way, looks like we’re getting even closer to the long-awaited connection between Valentin and Anna Devane people!