HOLLYWOOD—Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Olivia Jerome has been up to no good on “General Hospital,” but this week, it looks like her world is about to come crashing down. The villainess who was secretly working behind the scenes to torture her brother Julian has been pegged by the authorities. So the secret is out: Olivia Jerome is very much alive, and many Port Charles residents are during their best to come to terms with the latest development.

First, Julian who found himself at the mercy of his sister when she kidnapped him was rescued courtesy of Elizabeth and Franco. Things only got more interesting from this point because Anna Devane discovered the woman who is responsible for the loss of her child with Duke Lavery is very much alive. Yes, seeing Anna’s reaction to learning about Olivia was classic; so much to the point that she hoped out that hospital bed quicker than I can count to 3. Her first stop was to Julian Jerome’s hospital room to get the goods on just where in the hell Olivia is hiding out.

I feel for Robin, because this woman has been kidnapped more times than I can count. It’s like a staple for Robin to be kidnapped or coerced to disappearing at the at the hands of villains who want to torture their enemies. I mean Olivia kidnapped Robin when she was a kid, and now she has kidnapped her yet again and is holding her hostage in a basement at General Hospital. Robin was well aware of her captor after spotting her face, but the question that remains is who will rescue our beloved Robin?

Duke Lavery’s son, Griffin, who has been completely in the dark about Olivia’s shenanigans found himself discovering the truth that the woman he met in the GH parking lot, is the woman who was obsessed with his father. He found himself in Olivia’s clutches as she held him captive. I’m still trying to figure out, just what the hell is inside or beneath the hospital that this woman desperately wants? I’m certain whatever it is has to be epic, cause the writers won’t disappoint the fans right?

This woman has done plenty of damage, tossing her niece of a snowy bridge while she was pregnant. Luckily, Sam has awaken from her coma, not to mention her baby girl is doing just fine. Unfortunately, Jason Morgan will be out for blood so the number of enemies on Olivia’s list is indeed rising. She should add Sonny Corinthos as a threat also, too bad he is busy dealing with the Nelle situation to focus on taking out the woman who placed that bomb in that car that ‘killed’ Morgan.

Yes, at long last the truth about Nelle, Frank Benson’s daughter has been revealed! It was a complete let down if you ask me; she was after Carly because she believes her father took her kidney after her nemesis begged for it. There has to be more to this story, or at least I’m crossing my fingers, otherwise this storyline was a complete dud people, a complete dud.

And the big news of the week is the return of “One Life to Live” alum Hillary B. Smith as Nora Buchanan to “General Hospital” as Valentin’s lawyer in his custody case against Lulu over Charlotte. Yeah, things look like they can get quite messy here. There still seems to be more about Charlotte the audience doesn’t know, similar to his past with Anna that has yet to be revealed.

Guys, I’m still waiting for the epic face-off between Olivia Jerome and Ava Jerome. Now that Ava knows her big sister is alive and set her up for murder, the confrontation between these two ladies will be epic. Just like the face-to-face moment between Anna and Olivia; it was delicious television. I can’t recall the last time a soap opera has been so entertaining because of a villain from the past resurfacing. Oh, any guesses to who knocked Commissioner Jordan Ashford over the head with that metal pipe? We know it wasn’t Olivia people!