HOLLYWOOD—I know I’m going to take a bit of slack for saying this, but I don’t care: I was a fan of “X-Men Origins: Wolverine.” While it was virtually panned by critics and most fans, I didn’t think the movie was as bad as many pegged it. Of course its sequel, “The Wolverine” was 10x better, and further evolved the character of Wolverine aka Logan. So now the time has come for the final installment in the spin-off franchise, amply titled “Logan,” and man is this movie impressive.

First, this is the second R-rated superhero flick we’ve seen that actually falls within the realm, I would not categorize “Kick-Ass” or “Watchmen” as worthy superhero flicks. “Deadpool” may have set the stage that R-rated comic book flicks can be fun, “Logan” makes it clear that narrative and heart in our superheroes can distinguish a great comic book flick to a stellar movie (notice the distinction).

This time around it’s apparent that the Logan (Hugh Jackman) fans have come to expect is not so super as he once was; he is aging, he is not as fast, and its apparent that his health is in dire straits. Jackman, who first appeared on screen as the iconic comic-book character in 2000, delivers some of his best acting in this final chapter.

Now, those entering the theater should expect this movie to be unlike anything you’ve seen before. There is plenty of emotion, purpose, blood, lots of blood to be honest and action. Logan finds his life turned upside down when he encounters a woman begging for his assistance to protect a little girl that has closer ties to him than he expects: it’s his daughter. Yes, if you’ve seen the trailers and TV spots, it’s a clear indication that Lara (Daphne Keen) has blood ties to one of the most unique mutants on the planet.

To be honest Keen is a revelation in the role. She utters little to no words for three-fourths of the film and does amazing work with the slightest movements and facial expressions. It’s a testament once again, that acting is not all about ‘showing’ the audience you can act; a great actor or actress needs not to do so. Patrick Stewart, as Professor X proves that his comedic chops and ability to deliver a sincere connection to all those around him is the reason we love this character so much.

Now, the one thing I have to gripe about is those behind the scenes who portray the so called villains. They aren’t that threatening or merciless as a true villain can be. However, when the big bad arrives it is worth the wait, and I won’t spoil that surprise for you. I went into this movie not knowing what to expect, and it does have a heavy load of somberness to it that most fans of the superhero universe will not expect. There are several surprises, and a few shockers along the way that deliver a satisfying conclusion to this saga. To be honest if there was ever a mutant whose powers I could nab, it has and will always be Logan aka Wolverine.

“Logan” proves not all superhero flicks lack substance, if anything it proves a bit of heart packs a powerful punch that many would never see coming.