HELLO AMERICA!—So much has happened this year and we’re barely in full throttle of 2017. However, I love all the drama and surprises which seem to surface at every turn.  For example, the naming of the Best Picture by Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty at the Oscars caused worldwide attention. 
When the film “La La Land” was announced as Best Picture and a few minutes later indicated it was a mistake and corrected that “Moonlight” was the actual winner, there was an explosion in the hall which seemed as if we had been attacked by some strange outer space character or something.  It was definitely a moment of mystery with those backstage walking around as if stung by a big Hollywood bumble bee. Hey! It was glorious, a screwed up Hollywood moment which will be discussed for years to come. 
Following the Oscars, I received tons of messages and calls concerning what had happened. My response to them was to enjoy the moment, the memory of what they viewed will go down in cinematic history and all who live long enough to discuss Hollywood will remind the newer generation of cinema lovers what transpired.  The highlight of the Oscar presentation was the acceptance speech that Viola Davis gave, receiving an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her role in the movie “Fences.”
It was one of the most powerful moments I have ever experienced at an award presentation.  With great insight, dignity, utterly filled with information which the industry needed to hear and consider when dealing with those of us who have had to crawl and storm the back door of opportunity in Hollywood.  YES!  I had to fight back tears because her words struck hard and clear in representing our hunger and a desire to participate in telling our stories and dreams concerning the world which, at every breath, challenges one to dare take another one.
In relating all of this, it is paramount that we stand up and render a tremendous cheer for Justin Timberlake who opened the Oscars with a group dance and song routine worthy of any Hollywood or even a Broadway show.  His genuine talent as a dancer-singer forced you to want to hear and see more of the evening.  Justin is one special talented force in our business, what he did was clearly stated, filled with a smooth take of class ala Gene Kelly or Astaire, the guy was a needed breath of fresh air.
We can’t forget Jimmy Kimmel who proved to be the best Oscar host we’ve had since Bob Hope, in my opinion. He was smooth, calm, unruffled no matter what had to be dealt with and above all, he was consistently funny.  In my humble opinion, Kimmel was perfect for an evening such as this. 
This year’s Oscars made me feel, even believe again, that as an artistic community we might be the wheel by which people will rediscover why we are as Americans, have always been considered a positive force of world community and hope.