HOLLYWOOD—Well, it has happened, but I did not expect it to happen that fast. Yep, things are moving quite fast on “General Hospital” as Paul Hornsby aka ‘The Hospital Killer’ has been caught. Yep, last week Tracy overheard Paul confessing to his daughter, Susan, and it was just a matter of time before someone else was knocked off or Paul himself met his maker. I mean he was able to strangle his former wife, and the mother of his child, before Dillon managed to rescue his mom before it was too late.

Yeah, it was a stunner to discover that Paul’s motives behind his killings were all connected to his daughter being raped by Kyle Sloane of all people! So it was a revenge plot the entire time, and as a viewer, you unfortunately sympathize with Paul and his desperation to avenge something horrific that transpired to his daughter. With this game-changing information, Paul’s world was turned upside down, Tracy and Dillion were stunned to realize they were in the presence of a killer all along, and Jordan and Anna are more determined than EVER to find out what transpired with Julian Jerome’s trial.

This is big people, because Ava is in one hell of a pickle, as the viewers are well aware that she knew about Paul’s murderous intentions and kept things secret. So with Paul behind the slammer, he could easily rat her out. So she hired Scott Baldwin, Laura’s ex-flame, which should raise plenty of eyebrows people. Well, well, looks like Paul has Ava right where he wants her yet again. Seriously, did she think she could outwit this mastermind, who knows her involvement in Julian’s case being tanked! The question is rather Paul is willing to spill the beans, because Ava no longer has anything on him, but he has plenty on her.

If Ava didn’t have her hands in too many cookie jars, her messing with Morgan’s medication has caused him to spiral out of control, he has been expelled from school for turning in a false paper, and rumors have been rising that the Corinthos clan could be facing an epic event. Hmm, I feel a death could be looming, and this could be the boiling point for both Carly and Sonny. I mean Sonny has lost a child before, whereas, Carly has never endured such a tragic event, so she’ll lash out in ways that one can never imagine.

There is plenty of villainy going around in Port Charles courtesy of Claudette, and the certain bombshell that she has a daughter. Yeah, that was something I saw coming miles away people. The big question rather Griffin or Nathan is the baby daddy was up in the air, but we have a winner in Nathan; now what a surprise people! We all know paternity tests can be fixed, and I have a feeling that Charlotte is not Nathan’s child, but Valentin Cassadine is the daddy. Yeah, the wicked of the wicked of the Cassadine bunch, who ‘killed’ Nikolas, slept with Nina and seemed to have a bigger agenda in play that no one can even imagine. Valentin has made threats to Claudette, and if all holds true, we know, he could not only be the father of Charlotte’s father, but Nathan’s father.

Seeing Ava beg for that flash drive was epic people; she was groveling and Paul was determined to make her pay for her crimes. Looks like sparks are re-emerging between Jordan and Curtis, and she brought up the past yet again, about his inability to be a reliable partner. Yes, finally Sonny and Carly are realizing that something is off with Morgan, and the truth about his medication is certain to come to light. And it looks like Michael has become a loose cannon yet again in the unfortunate death of Sabrina, and is looking for a bit of justice. Even Nell, this new face who has arrived to Port Charles, has noticed Michael’s unstable behavior.

Yeah, we still have no idea what Nell’s agenda is with Carly and her family, but I’m guessing these two share some big dark secret, that is certain to come out in November sweeps. Would it be bad if I pointed out that the month of October seems to be just as explosive as November sweeps people? Time will tell what “General Hospital” has in store for November!